16 February 2013

When two off-colors meet.

Hey hey!
Day 6! And the weekend is finally here! 

So today I had been to another blogger's event for the HP Connected Music hosted by our fav Indiblogger at Otto Infinito (Loved the food in this Mediterranean Restaurant)

So the HP Connected Music is basically the world's music collection where you can listen to any genre of music (Including the latest US singles)  using your HP product with Windows 8 operating system without even going the 'pirate' route! Sounds cool? Just go through the website to know more!

Now for my outfit!
I love, noooo, loooovvveeee Maxi Skirts, if the world is ending and I had to pick five things from my entire wardrobe (Yes, there would be a strong steel ship, which will protect me, ) one of them would definitely be a maxi skirt. {Things I have to do, to show you guys my love for Maxi Skirts}

Another reason why I love this specific skirt, is cause many people are in the opinion that Black+Brown are a no-no. I don't understand, HOW/WHY? 
The minute I laid my eyes on this pastel brown piece I wanted it to be paired with my studded top!

Enjoy the pictures :)

 skirt - thrifted, top - globus, shoes - zara, belt - forever new .

C'est fini,

Btw, tomorrow is my last day of the challenge! (Blog everyday challenge)
I think I can totally manage doing this every month, what say guys???

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  1. Love the peachy brown skirt - you pull it off gorgeously, darling :) Way to go!

  2. LOVE the studded top and the maxi skirt! Really like your outfit! x

  3. Hi! I found your blog and I think your photos are amazing!!
    It would be nice to follow each other.
    Step by me if you have time!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes would love to follow you!
      Checking your site soon

  4. Loved the studded top! It is always nice to see you hun.. had a good time at the meet :)

    1. Hiiiii pretty! Likewise, it was lovely seeing you.... And yesss enjoyed at the meet

  5. You know if a guy wears Black Shirt and Brown Pants, he will look tacky. For girls, any color goes off well depending upon the type of apparels .. However, you carrying it off so nicely .. and look so pretty :D

    Ps. I love your smile ;)

    1. Heyy!
      Noooo as a matter of fact teaming black n Brown should be done in a clever way!
      You could go for sky blue shirt, khaki pants with a black cross body bag!
      Thank you! :)

    2. Thanks a lot :D .. I hope to see you next when I'm wearing sky blue shirt, khaki pants .. don't know about bag :D .. Take care :D


  6. I love the skirt! And, you have a super pretty smile :)

    Shubhi's Revels!

  7. lovely skirt... but the belt makes u look so thin :(
    like u have been on a juice diet for a week :P

    1. Hhahahahah, sounds music to my ears!
      Thanksssssssssssssss x 1000000

  8. That stud on top of the sleeves are awesome and a brave combination of brown and black , pulled in off well !!!

  9. Great post and pictures. I love the way you look at the camera in all the above photos with that slanting eyes :-) It was nice to meet you at the meet.

  10. Beautiful and Charming with cute dressing sense.

    Travel India

  11. You do such a good job at pairing things together. You've created such a pretty ensemble.

    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  12. I am a maxi lover too! I could wear them everyday for the rest of mu life! Love your outfit! The skirt and top go so well together!


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