30 July 2011


.....Still thinking wot to wear this saturday?
well not anymore.n yes you can thank me for that.
ever wondered your summer romper might just be as useful for the night time too....
i made the entire look, keeping in mind with the trends n season in mind.....
its fun, colorful,chic, n sexy!!!
n guys, i hate absolutely hate velvet on body (it adds so much weight), but since its the hottest trend, (you can see it on stars, runways, celebrities etc etc.) i needed to add it in this outfit....

make up tips:-
smokey eye with nude lip..(yes)

so wot do you think.........
comment n tell me

ohh btw, mi pictures of this look coming up soon!
c'est fini
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28 July 2011



 its been forever i dint post a new blog!
n i am so sorry for that!!

:) :)
but now tht i have found time and inspiration ill be updating it soon...........very often!
but any which way lets see wot is todays look....
nothing too dressy but a casual outfit which you can wear over for 

  • shopping
  • movies
  • college/school
  • n etc etc!

doesnt the outfit scream 'COMFY-CHIC!
remember guys Jeans are a girls BFF..
wot color u prefer darker hues or lighter ones ?? and
tell me wot part of this outfit you liked...
i liked those geeky glasses with the flip flops! 
dont forget to subscribe if you liked it>>!
and stay tuned because ill be uploading more of my pictures 

16 July 2011


So here is an OOTD (actually night) as i have to go to a house party and i wanted something comfortable, loose, pretty and yes PINK!


so i wore this flowy pink bat sleeves tunic with a blue pair of stretchy denims (sorry, mi camera couldn't pick up the color, its ink blue btw..)

now lets jump on to my fav part 'HEELS'!! yayyayaya....i wore camel tone high heels as i dint want it to clash with the colors of the outfit...these are just plain peep toe pumps...

NOTE:- if u have short legs(like me) do invest in one of these pairs. the point is it should match with your skin tone to create an illusion of long legs.....

i cinched my high waist with a belt to create a definition n added a maroon chunky neck-piece to fill up the open neckline.

  1. neck-piece:- local boutique.
  2. top:- ginger
  3. belt:- forever new
  4. jeans:- zara
  5. heels:- inc.5

14 July 2011

make-up break down!


  • maybelline's sea shore eye palate.(only the lid and the crease color)
  • maybelline's eye studio white liner.(on the tear drops n brow bone)
  • chambors black liner pencil.(on my water line and on my lash line).
  • maybelline's colosal mascara.


  • maybelline's dream mouse blush (soft plum).
  • oriental princess's illuminator.


  • chambor M115 lipstick (why do they have numbers???..SAD)
  • maybelline's water shine lip gloss (crystal amethyst).
a small note on how i do my lips, I apply lipstick all over  and use the lip gloss on the corners of my lips....n finish it off with a clear lip gloss.   

i did use OP's illuminator on my jaw line, n the cupids bow of my lips!

if you liked it then leave a comment below!
c'est fini!

13 July 2011

Fashion Advice!

Hey guys, so the other day i was deleting some of my watched sitcoms and saw Ugly Betty (obvi i deleted it) n right away i decided that i want a blogpost to show her fabulous transformation...which indeed is so huge!!!
Dint you gasp when you saw  America Ferrera's a.k.a Ugly Betty transformation!!

I did...n no she dint lose that many pounds. But right hairstyle n right make-up did tht for her!

 Moral of the story: 

  • straight hair do not do good to round/fat faces. 
  • middle partition is a complete no-no. 
  • fringes all across foreheads don do it either.

What you need:-

  • side partition with layers starting from your apples of your cheeks.
  • covering up your ears and ends of your cheeks.
  •  oh yes n a thumbs up for side fringe!!!!!!!
  • make sure you have the right length. hair touching ones shoulder bone is ideal but you could grow them too!

Make-up tips:-

  • highlight your cheek bone (the part which hits light or shines) & contour area underneath your cheek bones using a matte blush 2 0r 3 shades darker than your skin tone.
  • use blush on apples of your cheeks.
  • contour on your jawline.

Do the pout!!!!!!
...Love clicking pictures???

  • then next time suck ur cheeks in n give a semi smile n voila you are Ms.Photogenic!!

I hope it helped!!!
C'est fini!

9 July 2011

So BLAIR-nah??!!!!

Dont we all just love blair waldorf aka leighton meester! Gossip Girl has started filming for their 5th season n i jus cant wait for it any more!!! i can watch this sitcom foreva n eva n eva! luvtheir stylist<3 <3!!
now i cant raid her closet sitting here in mumbai, so i have a LOOK-for-Less for you!....i hope you guys enjoy!!!.....
so B is wearing this yellow floral printed skirt with a yellow blouse n an orange-reddish bag with those sky high mango heels! n by now u should now my obsession with this colour. 

The look: 

What She's Wearing 
Stella McCartney Spring 2011 Floral Skirt 
Brian Atwood 'Maniac' Pumps : $405.99 
Riki Rosetta 'Bella' Tote : $430.00 
Harry Winston Yellow Diamond Ring 

my similar looking version:-

     B is wearing bright shades of yellow while my look is more warm, especially the skirt!
as far as the accessories are concerned she is wearing a gold chain which has beads, two yellow bangles on each hand and a yellow diamond ring.
i have opted a similar lookin necklace with gold & black beads. some gold bangles n floral ring in the same hues........
(you can play with colours here, u can choose a turquoise neck piece & match it with your heels of the same colour.)  
n keep the make-up n hair fresh by not overdoing it, but dont u dare forget to add a touch of red onto your lips with your fav red lipstick!
if you dont have then try M.A.C russian red!

if u liked it then please comment below and lemme know, enjoy!!!!!!

3 July 2011

make-up break down:-
eyes:- maybelline's casual brown eye shadow.
         maybellines's colossal volume express mascara.
          maybelline's eye studio white liner.

cheeks:- oreintal princess's mandarin mantra blush.
              oreintal princess's illuminator.

lips:- maybelline cherry lip balm n on top of it chambors truly sunset lipstick  

2 July 2011


HELLO, I have a review for you guys, so mom had been to THAILAND for sum business purpose and i specifically asked her to get me OREINTAL PRINCESS makeup...cause i had read tht its widely used n liked by many & u need return gifts when sum1 goes to a foreign land! hahaha...

the review is about  O.P's Ready To Wear Automatic Face Colours.
CLAIM: An easy-to-use blush and powder in special designed portable package containing high-quality Pony Hair Brush, benefits in applying blush or adding powder easier and quicker. The Silicone Treated Powder not only providing natural color effect but also having special properties to stay longer on your facial skin and is water-resistant, with botanical blend of Apple Extract nourishes and reveals healthy looking skin. 

 The blush paper box looks so pretty! <3! sorry for the gold paint @ the bottom, thts mi nail paint spilled all over.

I love the packaging!! perfect for times when ur in a hurry!


 it sparkles!!!
 its glowin cuz of d flash!
 hence i tried my bb to click pics, n voila u can see the swatches perfectly!

now i really recommend u guys to be hygienic and use this blush only when u have washed ur face....because u cant clean the hairbrush!

REVIEW:- I am using their Mandarin Mantra, a pretty peachy color for mi skin tone (medium) n a coral for darker skins.
it has more of a translucent base rather than sheer, n leaves a natural glow to ur cheeks. 
i would really recommend this blush for darker skin tones as well as those you are very busy and don have time to
a.) elaborately do make-up
b.) to do touch-ups...cause boy this is super  water resistant.!

I hope u guys enjoyed. tc!

1 July 2011


hola! feelin a bit dull in this monsoon? try blooming it up by using the ever versatile YELLOW..not just yellow but MUSTARD, BUTTER, GOLD YELLOW, BABY YELLOW, MELON!! eepppssss, lovin dis colour <3<3!
now in mumbai if u wear YELLOW! n stick your ass out, 50% chances are of people calling  u a taxi!

so if you feel that way then go slow, try in cooperating this fabulous color slowly, like a watch, a clutch....slippers...or even fabulous!.yellow nails.......

I am so into yellow umbrellas this monsoon, it peps up mi lovely world wid a bit of yellow shine, particularly in those grey dark rainy days!

n eventually you can block ur outfit with this colour, or make it as a statement color n rock this trend!!


bisou bisou!
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