11 October 2011

Lets talk BUSINESS, part deux!

       On Sunday I had been to a business meeting with my parents. Such a long day, but it was fun and fabulous. A poised, articulate, expressive and more over, remarkably persuasive speaker impressed me till death, and although my mom had forced me to come with her, honestly i dint mind at all.............The meeting was soooo informative...i learnt so many tricks and tips, about so many different aspects of businesses. Right from production co-ordinator  to time management, financial management to guest registration.

   Although everybody were in blazers, according to me I was the best dressed, :p :p.
lol, i was the only one under 20......hmmmmmm,  And one interesting note,I am pretty useless these days as my exams got over and my imaginary vacations have started, all the young billionaires outside India are from the age ranging from 26-37... and India starts its list of  youngiesssss  from 37 - 40....why do rich kids waste their dads money????      NO OFFENCE

anyways I couldnt click more pictures for obvious reasons. And im loving this floral bag which i wanted ever since i had seen a similar looking one.....ohhhh btw i love these heels, i could easily walk in these for say 7 hours, thanks to my friends Aakanksha, Ankita and Priyanka!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, I finally made my  Facebook Page
you can now follow tht too :)))

chemistry blue top
sisley blazer
zara pumps
forever new necklace
esbeda floral bag
asos sakura ring

until next time

C'est fini!

7 October 2011

TGIF Outfit

                                         The weather surprises me, It usually is "somewhat cold" and airy in Octobers, (not that cold where you need to pile woolen and thermals). Mumbai although follows summer and monsoon  to the T, but fails doing so in Winters. GLOBAL WARMING ARE YOU HEARING ME????????     
                        Q.)  So what do we do when we are not sure about the weather?????
                     ANS.) Simple, we wear loose tops in winter hues and top it 
                                  with a cropped jackets!!

           I am super excited for my trip to Goa this 26th! I love being in our farm house, n having spicy cuisine (its speciality) on my way.......Another news I was the September Style Icon on Stylepile ......yayyyy meee!

asos twist lock handbag
asos 3 owl ring
esbeda beaded silver statement necklace
anita dongre cropped jacket
grey loose t-shirt
black pants
tresmode midnight blue gladiator high heels

until next time!
c'est fini!!

4 October 2011

In my gold Shoes

Hello lovely readers!
so this post was actually going to be up yesterday, but dint feel like posting.....So today I did the honors of uploading it.
Sneakers, sport shoes are sure comfortable but i don like wearing them a lot, they give  a weird roundness to my body especially legs! But these ones are so damn pretty and shine almost like 100000 bulbs, i saw the DIY version of MIU MIU, on http://honestlywtf.com/ and couldn wait to try them out by myself!
You gotta check her site, she has so many different cool posts

This leads me to , I like dressing up, A LOT, but sometimes I need a loose casual top and pair of black pants thats it!
Perhaps this outfit would look completely different if i hadn pair them with gold....... I  look like a guitar hero, hahahaahaahahaha =D

On another note, are you guys hooked on to 10000 sitcoms airing since these past tow weeks! I am!!
Loving Desperate Housewives and How i met your mother the most.
Sadly, Gossip girl and 90210 are making me feel stupid. there is a limit of co-incidence happening around them, right no?

Thats pretty much it,
until next time

c'est fini
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