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Welcome to my blog,

      This blog is created by Gargi Salgaonkar with a view to showcase a part of my personal style and to create a platform to open up my Online Store.

About CandyVioleta :-
     CandyVioleta, does not limit itself to a Fashion Blog, but aims to create awareness of style and personal tastes and more importantly individuality, and tries to exhibits all her readers to feel unique and special about themselves. It is thus a constant struggle to keep her readers and followers updated with all the trends and fashion statements so that they choose what suits their personality and incorporate them to their lifestyle.

About the author:-
      I wrote down my first post on 17th April 2011 and since then blogging has become a part of my world. My blog is definitely an extension of myself and personifies all my likes and dislikes but at the same time I am learning to gauge the responses and opinions of my readers and followers and work simultaneously to deliver them quality information and true thoughts.

Any PR agency, Sponsors, Advertisers feel free to contact me on my Email-Id.

All of my readers, followers, fans and supporters you are always invited to ask me any sorts of questions, You will always be welcomed. Either let me know through the comment section (on my home page) or through my email or through Facebook.


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