29 November 2011

All things Shiny!

Hello Dolls,
Currently I am obsessed with sequins, glitters,and everything shiny. I cannot live without a sequined something something anymore! I have been diseased with gleamy circular disks all day and night.
And thus I have decided a SEQUINED-BLAZER  is a must have!! Lord, help me with that!

On a shiny note, I am in love-love-love-love x 1000000000000 times(not enough) with this dress. Do check it out, and you'll know what I mean.

Finally This post is actually my first ever nail tutorial , and yes I included "them glitters" here too. I am excited!!!

You will need the following colors:-

  1. deep matte purple
  2. street wear berry spark
  3. china glaze platinum silver
  4. lakme color no.052

*Breathes heavily* isn't the picture down here amazing, the nails, the gold clutch (yaayyyy, its a score. its a gift!!), the bronze sequined ring!!!!

Untill next time!
C'est fini!!!

20 November 2011

Its Complicated

Hello readers,
How have you been holding up???
I have been psyched with the 'blazer hunt' for so long, that I have lost interest in purchasing it.
*Sighs*  anyways moving on, I am two kgs lighter, does this matter??? Lemme guess? - HELL YEAH, in two ways:-
A.) Size S does not fit me, (yaayyyy me!)
B.) Barfs!, blazers don't come in 'XS', (dammit!) *read title*

Anywhich way, Mustard and Burgundy are ruling my wardrobe, perfect wardrobe essentials for Fall!
So when i saw this Tank top, i skipped, hopped and jumped! Mustard+Lace is a win-win!

jeans- Zara, bag- Paprika, top- Only, ring- Asos, cropped jacket - And, shoes - local boutique

Untill next time,
C'est fini!!!!

9 November 2011

Hello lovely Readers!!!
I had been M.I.A for a long while here on blogger, figuring out things for my blog and working on inspirations for my blog posts.
On a relaxed note I did change my layout, chose for 'ALL BLACK' colors. My mind is to worked up on having an all colorful blog, wanted something dark this Fall season. Good thing about the color Black is that my pictures will show up brighter!!

Anyways, i might add few changes to the already changed layout and starting tomorrow I will be posting much frequently, Promised :x!

Also I would like to wish you all Happy Diwali (a little late), Halloween, Eid, Children's Day :p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Sorry for the late wishes!!!

For all those of you who would like to stay connected can visit my Facebook page, I post daily with new inspirational images, designer lusts, my obsessions, OOTD'S! Would be happy to see you there!!!

Until next time!!!
c'est fini!!!!

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