12 February 2013


Hey guys,
Its Tuesday (atleast here in Mumbai) , day two of the challenge, and I am all set, I am set all the more with a blogpost for the next two days! That is quite an achievement right????

So today is again an outfit post, I have for you guys.
Today was another day at college, and wore formal clothes again ... pretty formal blouse -cobalt blue with neon hints and of-course high heels!
I have a confession to make, these heels kill (NO) murder my feet, especially my toes, but you gotta do what you have to do (totally snatched this from the previous season of Dexter)

Ohhh btw, it's Valentine Day in a few days, and I was once a lame person who liked this day (Just not feeling 'the' day of love this year) to do a post on How to dress and also make up for this day. So do check it out, Its Valentine's Day

Enjoy the pictures,

Top- zara, necklace - Bandra, pants - kraus, blazer - Malaysia, shoes - Zara.

Now that its end of day two, I am probably going to catch with my friend (probably I would be done catching up with him when this gets published) have my dinner and then followed by two of my family favorites (we just love watching) on television - Grey's Anatomy and Homeland

C'est fini!

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  1. You look stunning Gargi! Love this challenge that you are doing. Looking forward to posts from you. Amazing necklace, can't stop looking at it :D


  2. omg!! how do u manage to stand all day in those heels?? i would have been on bed with a fracture had i worn this for a few hours!!! nice footwork u doing there... it feels good someone is honest about wearing high heels... no blogger ever writes that.
    cheers to honesty!

  3. Great pics and you look so elegant. I like that blazer and necklaces. Have a nice day.


  4. Lovely top! I love the zips on the shoulders!
    You look amazing :)


  5. cute necklace! hot shoes!! <3


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