13 February 2013


Day three of the challenge, and today I have a DIY (Do it yourself) for you!
I had asked earlier on my facebook page whether you would like my D.I.Y version of the famous arm candy bracelets /arm candy jewelry  / womens wrist jewelry   and so many of you replied an Yes! So here we go..... This one is specially for the ones who commented 'Yes' and ofcourse for all of my readers/followers too (but more for them).


Lets begin with this Easy DIY of stackable bracelets.

What you need :-
1. Chains.
2. Ribbons, (the length for the above two depends upon your wrist size)
3. Pliers, scissors.

Steps -
1.)Measure your wrist and add few cms extra to that length.
2.)Measure that length onto your chain, (Chains are easily found nowadays at any metal hardware store or your jewelry/craft store) and cut it with the help of pliers or hardware scissors.
3.)Now the fun part, pick ribbons of your choice, be creative, think bright!
And simply just go back and forth through each chain link, alternating the direction each time.
4.)Loop the ribbon on each side of the chain.
5.)Finish off by making a knot (tie it tightly, thrice) using both ends, trim the excess. (The extra length we added will help us to wear and remove the arm candy easily)
6.)More importantly, slightly run the ends through heat so that they dont fray!

And voila you are done!  Refer to the images below

 Looping is an important step, we are basically tying the ribbon on to the chain link.
Once you reach the end, insert the ribbon on the same link creating a loop and then finally put that end into that loop we created (refer image above). Fasten it tightly.

 All you now have to do is, tie a knot to join the two ends together!

I like them in bunch (stackable bracelets ..... duh that's why it is called an Arm Candy) in different colors!
Also, I have named my DIY arm candy as - 'Psy Swag' . The neon colors just make it sound appropriate (this  reminds me, read my yesterdays post Appropriation?)

Also, read my Valentines Day post here.

C'est fini.

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  1. Wow! It's just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with others. Ring parties

  2. OMG what a pretty Bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
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