27 November 2012

A match made in heaven.

 Hey fellas!
So before I begin with my usual blabber, please answer -
Does RED+NAVY BLUE+BLACK+GOLD look good together? I am thinking of this color palette for my Anarkali (yes I am designing one) and I have a feeling its going to look a little too heavy but considering I can easily carry it off, assures me it doesn't.
I have sat hours and hours to design the silhouette, fabric, color, borders, work, tailor...ohh god!

Enjoy the pictures :)

top - vanheusen, pants - ucb, accessories, necklace - Kazo, arm cuff- diy, belt - diy, heels - zara.

Gold and Black are two of my favorite combinations as of now, I have donned them in the past too, but right now I have a whole new obsession going on!
Now this outfit,
 Outfits which requires and gives me an ample abundance to accessorize are my best options to go for at times when I have to run a few extra stops in a day.
I started off with the shirt and the pants with orange accents and flats for college,  switched to heels and  gold accessories for a meeting (note - a blazer should have been appropriate!)
My obsession for gold+black can be seen here and here too.
And just incase you want more,
just click on the above mentioned words!!!!!!!

C'est fini,

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25 November 2012

Ethnic Indian Wear.

Ethic Indian Wear!

  • What am I wearing? - Anarkali with Churidaar!
  • Occasion - Celebrating the festival of lights, Diwali!
  • Make-up - Definitely, yes,hands on Glam doll! (depends on the occasion)
  • Accessories - I stick to real metal jewellery (gold,gemstones,silver) but you could totally use Ethnic Imitation Jewellery, looks good too.
  • Nailpaint- Whichever color your outfit is, stick to Red nail paint, amazing.
  • How to carry the dupatta? - On one side, gracefully please ;)
  • Hair? - Let your locks fly with the air. Use a shine serum 

I have decided  to do a separate post for this dress, so be patient!

I love wearing Anarkalis they make feel lean, tall and feminine.
I have changed my make-up technique these days, I start my blush right from the lower lids where my cheek bones meet and then sweep it back to my temples, not only this gives a reflective glow but contours my face too.

C'est fini,

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12 November 2012

Pune Shopping Haul

Hey guys,
A while back, right after my exams, I had been to Pune for a mini vacation to relax and mainly because I wanted a change (a desperate one).
So while I was there I took the opportunity to go shopping  (obviously) and man! this city is so annoyingly confusing, if you are not a localite with no google maps you would probably land up someplace else then you were supposed to be. It took me ages to reach Pune's much talked Fashion street and FC road, one wrong left turn and you are on the outskirts in some village!

Moving on, I am so soo soooooooo happy cause I found stuff which I could have found in Mumbai too, but the prices were half of it and I bargained on top of it!

 I got this sequined dress for Rs.250/- and although it runs a size 'L', I actually didnt mind it, cause I knew this dress was a bargain and a great find!

 This amazing multi colored cocktail ring was a total steal for me, got this for only Rs.40/-, no wonder I kept lusting for more while returning home!
I have many chunky rings, but I never had a true colorful stone ring , hence I got this one.

 This leather belt priced at Rs.50/- was meant to be DIY'd but it started to grow on me and I have still kept it as it is.
Gold toned jewellery are such a rage this Fall, I previously had planned to hot-glue a gold chain on top of it.

 This knitted top is going to be my comfy cozy item during the chilly days! It is made up of those thermal fabric and the print is too gorgeous and looks so much like a Winter time necessity. Price - Rs.150/-

Ohh my gosh, this scarf was a fluke, I have started to love it even more now!
My style in Pune was layering scarves, and OMG the girls in Pune like to cover every inch of their body with scarves, *FYI *. So I picked up this scarf only looking at the burgundy color and thats it.
And when I went to my hotel and tried it on, Omg I lovvvvveeddd it! So pretty! Price - 120/-

So thats it from me, See you soon and Have a Happy and Safe Diwali!
C'est fini,


8 November 2012

Fall Chic Outfit+ Video

Hii guys!
How have you all been?
I am blogging after a long, long and a long time. I was busy with my exams (hope I do well >_<) and now its finally over and I am back with my blogging routine.

So today instead of a normal outfit picture posts, I have done a video about it. I am not really new to doing videos for my blog, I have done one in the past about DIY Belle Noel Hair Chains and you guys supported me real good, and that is why I loved the idea of showing more videos and DIY's.

Most of the time, you will see me in jeans, a top and co-ordinated handbag and accessories. I dress up but most of the time its always on the lines of Casual-Chic! And I call my daily style Casual-Chic because it is effortless and easy, no nonsense and its so quick that I am out of the house in 20 minutes flat!

For this season, I have stocked my basic essentials, that is studs, jewel tones, blacks and off-white and basically anything on the radar which catches my eye.
This particular t shirt is switching between my mom, my sister and me, We all LOVE it! The jeans are mint green and goes well with idea of mixing your summer essentials with fall trends.

T shirt with studded detail - ZARA, mint green jeans, floral print handbag - snapdeal, turquoise blue shoes - fashion&you.com, bracelet - singapore.

That is it from me, I will be back, with hopefully another video. See you soon over here!

C'est fini!

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