28 December 2011

Online Junkie

Hello Dolls!
I hope you are enjoying this holiday season! Greetings for a commercial  Christmas and New Year's! The term "Holidays" have a new meaning to me since these past two years, I get to meet my bestessttttt friend ever and have loads of laughter,fun,joy and love. Love you Z!  
I certainly am enjoying my holidays after hectic, eventful but fun weeks of College Festival! I am not really a college person, I hate getting up and attending lectures, but at times like these, you know it's going to be fun.
             I wore this outfit for one of the "days" (if you know what I mean) (for those who don't,-in a collg fest you have a certain dress code for the entire festival week, eg:- traditional day, hat day). A loose fitting blouse with faux leather leggings with lace trimmings at knee caps accessorized with tan shoulder bag and high heels!

Accidentally this outfit is actually a great example if your celebrating New Year's at home, something comfortable yet chic!!

 moving on, I have become an online shopping addict! There were times when I loved going to the malls/ thrift stores, boutiques, (i still do, but nothing beats shopping in comfort at your own home). This outfit is one such example, all of the items are brought online and fit me perfectly. :D

Look Breakdown:-
Blouse - Aadro (fashion and you.com)
Leggings - Mystique (99labels.com)
Bag - Forever new (99labels.com)
On my nails - (Nyx Carnival)(stylecraze.com)

See you in my next post
C'est fini

16 December 2011

Plunged into me..!..

Hello lovely readers!
                               Printed stars are really big this season. After seeing the Dolce and Gabbana Star print collection I wanted something for myself! And when I saw this dress, I fell for it, swiped my card, and wohhoooooooo it belonged to me.
                               Some of the items have already been showcased, you can see them here and here!

dress,stockings - Zara, earrings - kazo, heels - only, bag - gifted, ring - asos.

 My dress has acted as a buffer and collected all of those falling stars,read title. The burgundy stockings do their rightful job, brightening the black dress! I have failed to show two things in this look, the gold zipper at the back of the dress (hence the gold accessories) and satin bow attached at the heel of the shoe. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my outfit! This reminds me I have many outfit posts coming this next week, stay tuned!

Until next time
C'est fini!!


14 December 2011

Le Chat et moi!

Hello Dolls!
Last week  I had a horrifying weekend's eve. Let me narrate the story to you :-

Friday, 10:30pm
*door bell rings*
I went to receive the person, which I knew, would be my sister!
But this time it was her and a friend, (lets say Mr.A!) with A carrying a huge basket.
I took no time in guessing what was inside it. It was his CAT! his freaking CAT!!!
 (Thoughts started munching my head, was it here to stay? if yes, who would look after it? was it here to show me? was my sister out of her mind? )  
*A voice whisked*Bye gargi, bye aunty! (It was Mr.A)
*Bang* with door closed, I felt exasperated..
20minutes later ....... the Cat was out of the house!

I personally hate Cats, Dogs, Butterflies..... basically all animals! So when I found out that it was going to live four days with me, I panicked, and made my sister travel and give it back to him!!! *Sighs* Story Complete!

Moving on, today we are going to do Leopard Printed Nail Art inspired by my new Dorothy Perkins's Leopard Printed flats !!

Lets get started!

  • Nude, Black, Brown/Pink nail paint and a top coat.
  • A toothpick 
  • Old eye liner brush

Step 1 :- Paint your nails with the NUDE color, this is your BASE COAT!
Step 2 :- Using a toothpick, start making  small dots with brown or pink nail paint, varying with the size.
Step 3 :- Your old eye liner brush acts as a brush! use it to create boundaries for the small dots!
Step 4 :- Apply a top coat. And voila you are done!
I hope you enjoyed!!!

Attempt made to showcase my Nail Art! *FAILED*

What I am wearing ? A t-shirt with a really quirky design gifted me by Z!, Jeans - Lee, shoes - dorothy perkins.

C'est fini!

8 December 2011

Essential Items!

Hello Ladies!
As the title suggests, we will be dealing with Essential Items in a Women's Wardrobe! OK,I get it, you would probably hear Tim Gunn more than me, but believe me when I say, every country's essential items are different!
I live in India (Mumbai) and  here is a list of my essential items!

  1. Party Dress, no wardrobe would be complete without a party dress, be it any style.
  2. Black skinny Trousers/Jeggings, these ones make you look great and you can always dress them up or down.
  3. Shoes, I have a soft spot when it comes to shoes, I just can't pick one!
  • Sport Shoes, Black high heeled pumps(the higher the better!*winks*), Glitter flats,Water proof flats.
     4.  Hot pink/Red nail paint, we all know colored nails are a must.
     5.  Blazer, it not only looks chic but is a savior in those forgotten beauty appointments.
     6.  High waisted Skirts, flatters all body types.
     7.  Mascara and Lip Gloss, I am one of those girls who loves mesmerizing, beautiful eyes.
     8.  Tissue/ Hand Sanitizer is a must, throw them in your bags before heading out.
     9.  Perfume, do I need to say something???
   10.  Statement Jewellery, be it rings, bangles, necklace.
   11.  Bag full of Unused/Illfitting/Old Clothes, we all get rid of clothes that we no longer use to create an              
           extra closet space, but don't throw them away just yet. Keep it with you and some day you might 
           wear them using your creative heads. My friends and I cut our jeans and wear them as shorts all the 
  12.  Blouses, a blouse is something which gives a feminine touch, I would have said a White Shirt but I no 
         longer believe a white button down shirt is important, something chiffon,silk,georgette looks elegant.
  13.  Bags, the last essential item and one of the important ones. Make sure you have different sizes in bags, 
         smaller sling bags are a must!

So, these were all of my essential items!! I will see you on weekends through my next post. This reminded me, I love weekend breakfasts (I don't really do breakfasts, I drink protein shake and I'm good to go). I made Waffles with honey and chocolate sauce last Sunday, Yummmmm!!!!!

Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! (again)

See you next time
C'est fini!

2 December 2011

The Lost Doll.

Hello world!!

I am currently working on  my blog posts, I am * trying* to figure out other cool things to blog about, rather than just doing outfit posts, so I may have days allotted to a specific type of posts in a week, (now, let's pray that I stick to it.)
Today I am going to blog on things that I love to eat  do, its pretty much about what I have been doing for the past month and hoping to do in this month!
The ying and The yang :- I have noticed that girls/guys (especially 16-21 yr olds) don't really think about their likes and dislikes,(including me), we have so much going for us that sometimes we fail to read our minds, and make a radical decision about it.
A person can be so superficial, she/he portrays a set of principles, which makes you think oh-you-perfect-lil-darl! But in reality its a show, to make everyone happy! (take it as an example, silly!)

This is my way of letting everyone realize what really goes into your minds, take a minute out and analyze what things you like, dislike,hate and more importantly Love.

1.) Swings!!! I love them,I am a frantic kid for people who are with me when I see a swing!

2.) Sequins, Although its a recent obsession, but I cant stay away from them!! This Holiday season, imma going to glitter!
via - different designer online stores

3.) I am a food hoarder! almost everything about food excites me.... cupcakes, subways and cheesecakes are topping my list!!
God, don't make me FAT! AMEN!

4.) Dance! this is one of my oldest dance wallpapers, I don't remember actually, but anyways, its totally my style!

until next time!
C'est fini!!!!
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