30 July 2012


Hey guys.

This is my final post of my vacation vlog and I will start resuming normal blogposts soon.

Day4 -
We dreaded this day, I really din't want to leave the cruise, yet. Anyhoo, we really did some valuable shopping (atleast for me), I got MAC Eye-shadow in TWINKS for only $22 at Changi Airport, got Brazilian hair serum and some concealers, also some Feng-Shui items.

I wore this outfit in the morning and later switched it with a pair of black leggings and flats, sans make-up while boarding off the ship! :(
Now, this was the view we enjoyed day in and night. Heaven! The waves made this gushing estatic noise each time we had our balcony glass open. Hmmm, a sight worth seeing!
Enjoy the pictures!

Shoes - NE&NA, Shorts - ONLY India, Top - Dorothy Perkins (new purchase), necklace - $10 store, bracelet - Blur Designs
on my toe nails -Bonjour Paris PURE in 80.

introducing Aarav, my new friend! :p

You must have already seen this picture via my twitter account. Join in all the fun NOW!

These Aztec printed shorts were my score in this sale season -Flat 70% off. Adding color would be my obvious choice but the day before this I was swimming in a pool of colors,like really! And I wanted a simple black and white outfit, hence-this!

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  4. DAY 3 part deux.

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28 July 2012

Sequined Stories.

Hey guys!

Yet another OOTD from Day3 of my vacation!
I love wearing statement earrings nowadays with hair tied in a bun/ponytail -up or having them totally on one side. It just exaggerates the whole look.
Enjoy the pictures

dress- Veromoda via asos.com, rings - asos.com, blazer- self designed, earrings - $10 store in singapore
on my cheeks - MAC's blush in Coppertone

La Famille

About the blazer -
I am a sucker for sequins, like really, I want glitter on everything.
I had made this sequined blazer long back in 2011 from scratch, the only thing was Sequined Fabric is so hard to work on, I literally had to get hold of a tailor to do the rest for me as I had totally messed up the size and cut.
Originally it was going to be an all sequined thing - no black satin collar or cuffs, but since I did such a bad job  since the fabric did not want to work with me (I have mentally preached myself that it can never be my fault) the tailor did some minor changes (NO-MAJOR CHANGES) and I was more than happy to see it.
You guys have no idea how many weird eye rolls I got, #thingsofthepast!

C'est fini,

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24 July 2012

Off prints and statements

Hey you beautiful readers!

Day 3 of my vacation -
I won't talk much on it. This day was pretty much about staying indoors, we went to the pool, relaxed a little. We din't tour Langkawi, and thank god we din't, It was pouring like hell (you will see in the pictures) & later had a 'Bid Adieu' party with the Captain on a deck (Yes! on a deck)

The pictures have come out so great (From now on say hello to my NEW camera). I was so happy when I saw them on a large screen. (pheww)
What I like to do is play with different sets on Photoshop, and I play with the lighting and other stuff, but unfortunately I always forget which set I used so I have different lighting's for all the pictures. But I just learned about Pre-sets, here you can fix settings and styles and apply on all your images.
Enjoy the pictures!

top - Dorothy Perkins, skirt - goa'12, shoes - NE&NA, bangles - assorted, ring bracelet - DIY, earrings - Colaba causeway
On my eyes - Maybelline's purple eyeliner &black liner to smudge it out.

I love how the windows catches up all the reflection.

Alright, now how pretty is this skirt? Perfect tribal/boho/whimsical print. I loved the whole lot of sheer-ness going on in this outfit.
You can stop at the skirt itself, but I wanted the accessories to sort of blend in and create a fun risky look.
Statement earrings are a must have this season and showing them off is important to create noise and some hoopla , Hence I tied my hair in a pony tail, creating a poof at the crown.
the top and shoes are actually my new purchases from Bangkok. (Mister If you din't know this, you just din't read my last post, did you?)

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22 July 2012

Vacation Vlog part2+ OOTD!

Hello Readers,
My upcoming blogposts will be based on my recent vacation, I will have OOTD, some cruise talk, some random things.

Day 2 -
The second day was the most awaited day of the entire journey. All of the cruises in this line have specific tourist destination allotted. Ours was Phuket (Bangkok) and Langkawi (Malaysia).
And what more could I ask, Bangkok is like the shopping mecca of all fashionistas, ain't it?

So day 2 began with a bit of dance preformances, food, more food and then Phuket! first we went to Wang Talang, its like the best jewellery mall for gem stones and diamonds. My mom and masi(aunt) wanted some earrings and other jewelry stuff!
Followed by The Central Festival Mall, which is amazing! I purchased 4 tops from Dorothy Perkins, my fav brand ever, A pair of pastel neon wedges from Ne&Na, I wanted to get some goodies from Miss Selfridges too, but  my Dad was busy in his electronic world but never mind.
We did some street shopping too, but most of the stuff seemed like hill road clothing items, Hence I landed up getting a pair of shorts which definitely look super cute and a bird print skirt. 

When people talk about Bangkok being cheap and all, I really don't understand how?
I spend 3500bahts on those 4 tops in Dorothy Perkins, so if you try converting them in INR it is 7500/-
The street shopping had no sense, Rs.800/- for two clothing items. But I got them anyway as it looked like I bought them from those pricey shops. 

The only deal I could manage was on shoes, bloody 259 bahts on any shoe or bags/purses/clutches. And they were on the lines of trendier versions but the only disappointing thing was limited  number in SIZES. (Money spent wisely)

Enjoy the pictures! {Outfit Of That Day}
This picture was clicked at 3am!

Top-thrifted, learn the diy cut out shirt, leggings-central, shoes-catwalk, bag-paprika, cuffs & necklace-colaba causeway
On my hair - Leave in L'Oreal conditioner+blow dry. 

Sister's wedges and my glittery bronzy flats!

This picture was clicked when I was mad at my parents and sister for buying my sister two pairs of shoes and only one for me. Hence standing far apart from them!
 I wasn't going to upload this picture, but after seeing it I had a good laugh with my sister and hence I am sharing it with you.

Read my blog-post on how to recreate the back of this shirt here

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21 July 2012

Vacation Vlog, part 1!

Hello beautiful Readers!
A quick update - I am back in Mumbai after  vacationing from Singapore!
How was it? - Well imagine waking up to the jade-st green of Indian Ocean,  devouring delicious cuisines right from 10am to 1am, dressing up every day with great backgrounds for pictures too, shopping at every single destination (will tell you more on this as my posts continue), meeting new people, a chance to see some amazing performers. To sum it all up it was an EXTRAVAGANZA! a FUN FILLED one!

My first day started with boarding the ship, but before that I had a chance to shop some goodies at the Harbor/Vivo city mall (This mall is connected to the port and Pardon me, if I goofed up the names) and a quick bite (again) at Burger King. Man, why isn't burger king in India? 
I must confess, the crew handled 900+ cruisers in such ease, it left all of us astonished.

In like 15 mins we boarded the ship, our luggage was already sent to our rooms (impressive right?) and what do we see?
Everything is unchanged, (We had already cruised in this same line before - 10yrs back) the walls shone just like they did before, the statues were nicely polished as if new, everything was well maintained - well managed.
The only thing different was - I felt the ship had shrunk, not just me but my entire family, my relatives too. Back in the day, when I was in 5th grade, everything looked humongous, I mean those things (architecture, swimming pool, restaurants, ceilings etc)  looked like it came from a giant's house.

Airport Wear - Comfort comes first here, you have to be seated in one damn place for more than 4 hours, I chose leggings for obvious reasons. In between the flight journey it can get a bit cold or the blower might be too harsh, Thus I carried my mom's velvet hoodie and underneath  wore my mango tank. There was this one girl who was decked up in jeans/high heels/leather jacket and what not. GIRL WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Note - I had totally forgotten my mango lace-y tank. One of you guys reminded me about it. Thank you doll! :). This top over here 

Cruise wear - Before boarding the ship we had booked a hotel to change, have breakfast and do other stuff and I changed into my gorgeous summer dress, which you might have recognized from my latest (latest huh?) DIY HAIR CHAIN video. (I was going to link it, but I have it linked on every other post up-till now, sounds too desperate no?)

If you are planning to go, please make a point to wear a proper chic outfit, cause they have photo booths with actors and performers on every point of the station till the ship. That is, if you wanna look good!

dress- thrifted, shoes - catwalk, bag - lifestyle, bracelets - goa'12

I really dint get time to click proper outfit pictures as everything happened in a maddening rush and despite all my attempts, I din't find one proper person to click them.
One last thing, I accidentally dropped my sony cybershot on the very first day of the trip, and THAT was a major setback. (I wasn't worried that much, as my cousins had slr and dslr's and what not) But only a fashion blogger or a photographer will understand my setback.
But thankfully my amazing parents bought not one but two cameras, A pink one and a dslr (Canon ones)! Thank you mom and dad:)
Stay tuned for my next vacation vlog.

C'est fini,

To know more about the cruise line,please refer here - SuperStar Virgo

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17 July 2012

Into my world.

Hey lovelies!
How was your week?
Here are some of the pictures of last week ...

 DIY belle noel hair chains, watch my tutorial!
my bracelet with ring, again a diy'd

Lunch with friends @Home Chef

Elle 18's nail pop in 52 a coral shade! Love it!
A shopping trip followed by lunch!

My weekend started with a movie-COCKTAIL and the most awaited Cruise Vacation!
Hope your week was FABULOUS!
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15 July 2012

Vacation Closet!

Hey Guys,
By the time you read this I will be in Singapore vacationing in Super Star Virgo!
Enjoy the pictures
Today I take you through my vacation closet,

Apart from these I have carried my cables, chargers etc for my phone, camera, laptop.
I wanted to carry my hats but I was very sure they would be hammered and tortured in my suitcase.
What do you carry?

C'est fini,

13 July 2012

DIY PROJECT - Open Back Cut out Shirt

Hello guys,
I am blogging after a really long time, excuse me from my absence!
Anyhoo, Today's post is a DIY one.

If you follow my facebook page you would know about my thrift shopping experience.
I thrifted a few clothing items sometime back, and few of them turned out to be pretty cool but "TORN". And I realized this only after its first wash.
Initially they were lying in my closet untouched, unnoticed, but the peter pan collar was kind of giving me the Adele look and how a girl like me can throw away the peter pan trend yet?

Hence a DIY, was necessary. The procedure is pretty self explanatory but  still -

Things You will need :-
1.) A Shirt (Loose fabric, not stiff cotton or any other tightly woven 'FAT' fabric)
2.) NO SEW TAPE (or you could try stitching it, but blaahhh too much work that sounds)
3.) Scissors, ruler, chalk.

DIY PROJECT - Its basically an open back cut out shirt,
Step 1.) Cut a straight line using a chalk and ruler and scissors parallel to your shoulder line or if you
 have a seam.
Step 2.) Taking that line as a base, cut a semi circle across it.
Step 3.) Finish up by cleaning the edges, stick the hems together for a clean line using No Sew Tape
(I got mine from HyperCity) 
Step 4.) And Viola, you are ready to rock a different summer style.

If you want to know how I style it, then do let me know!
Update - I will be out of India till Wednesday, but I will surely have few posts ready for you guys, so do check in!
I hope you guys enjoyed!
C'est fini

4 July 2012

Muted Androgyny

Two things are on my mind right now - Food & SomeonePleaseStopTheRains (happens, twitter much!)
Moving on, after the fabulous Spain  winning the title second time in a row, I was more than excited to brush up and revise the language! So how did I start?
Here - Ven a Bailar, I am already a pro in pronunciation, Vocabulary took some 30 mins and the jinxed part of my life - Grammar created a crack in my skull, I think{I say this because I already had French in school, and in both languages, read, every part of tense has a rule and every rule has a sub rule and every sub rule has exceptions, get it?} 

Enjoy my OOTD, a blazer again.

Blazer - Sisley, tank - thrifted, Pants - ZARA, jewellery - mom's, shoes - online, Mellow Yellow.
On my lips - Pleasure me Red with a lip balm (addicted)
Cheeks - maybelline's soft plum.
Face - MAC's blot powder pressed
Hair - Loreal's total Repair 5 hair serum (hates it)

I love blazers, This particular one was the first ever in my closet. It has puffy sleeves, huge pockets, and a showman tail.LOVE IT. As much as I love statement pieces, I love subtle gold hardware too. 
To make it more day casual, my tanned moccasins are perfect. 

And btw, Did you check my last post DIY Belle Noel Hair Chains.

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C'est fini

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