30 September 2011

stripey affair - OOTD

few weeks back i received my parcel from asos and to receive the parcel  was another crazy story, I actually had to go to the local post office to take it because of my very rare   (well it happened today too, i almost missed exams) deep slumber. HECTIC!
so out of the all the things i ordered, the ring down here is one of them.
cute isn't it????

belt - mango
jeans- zara
top, bag - forever new
ring - asos
shoes- thrifted

c'est fini

22 September 2011

An ode to B.

Hello guys, eeeppss I am so excited to watch Gossip Girl this coming Monday, the Hollywood theme is a great idea and Elizabeth Hurley is a great addition to its special cast!!
you can watch their season promo here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrZuqizwqBU

Anyways lets come back to the title....I styled an outfit based on
Blair's first ever appearance on this show, because I loved her
wardrobe then. Blair has a  polished and sophisticated look now obviously to match her high profile engagement ring!! (any thoughts on that???) 
So she wears BLACK from head to toe and is seen carrying all her insecurities along with her....
to create this look into Blair 2010-2011  I added a pop color with a blazer and a handbag.



It's enough when I say it's enough.

until next time!!
c'est fini

19 September 2011


                     As said in my last post, of doing a dual look with my black forever new pleated skirt, I came up with a sweet romantic look keeping in mind with the color of the skirt!!!!, Black and white, like always, is a perfect combo to dress up!!!
Although i wished, to spice up the outfit by wearing animal printed heels ..... but I am more than happy with this look.
the pony tail adds a child-like charm.

and i am so excited for my next post!!
I adore her, and her closet!
and like the entire world, watch her serial come what may!
if you still dint get here is a hint
1.) headbands!
i think that's enough, guesses anyone!!

c'est fini!

16 September 2011

Lets talk BUSINESS!!!

 I feel like I am blogging after so many days. I was stuck with cold & flu this entire time, BAD-BAD days!!!
However today I am not letting my body to feel weak and tired!!!

So this post is basically on a  business attire which I would wear for formal meetings and blah-blah!!
The skirt is  undeniably formal and fits me perfectly!!!! Since I am young and fabulous (:p) I'll have this look in oh-not-so-formal way in my next post!!

Shall we proceed then??

my must haves for business looks :-

  1. pearls
  2. solitaire ear rings 
  3. high waist everything!
  4. high heels
  5. structured bag

top-globus, skirt -forever new, accessories-forever new, heels-inc.5, skirts sash worn as scarf!, 

c'est fini!!

7 September 2011


As written  in my last post, i had gone to Pune {Maharastra} for a visit. There apart from having tons of fun I also did a quick post for you guys!

I styled evrythng within minutes and was happy with the end result!! 

thats it
C'est fini!!

5 September 2011

Back to Life!

I am in a relaxed mood, refreshed after my two trip to Pune!! I stayed at Marriott's and the experience was so beautiful!
i have clicked some pics to show you guys ,
this was the suite where i stayed!!!..we had our own private lounge to binge on some snacks and slurp drinks
 until then you can follow my pages on
stylepile - http://www.stylepile.com/users/8792-candyvioleta
chcitopia - http://www.chictopia.com/candyvioleta

and now for a sneak peak of my next post!
here are the accessories which i had during my stay and i styled my outfit accordingly!!!

until next time!!
C'est fini!!
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