27 September 2012

New beginnings

 I am those kind of girls who loves to wear sparkly/shiny/glitterly clothes on her birthday, but this year it did turn out something different.

I wore printed pants(floral printed pants) (very much "in season") with a cute bow top and some fun arm candy. I love how these pants make me go a level up but still keep me grounded.
Teaming them up with a blazer is an obvious next step,with  black +gold hardware bag. ohhh yeeaaahhh.

top - veromoda, floral pants - springbreak (styldrv collection), shoes - only, arm candy - assorted, ring - wholesale-dress.net. 

Totally checking out a guy. Yes it happens often. 

I am not huge fan of folding my bottoms outwards, but I gave in!


On a healthier note, I have always been a smart eater, I never go over my portions (even if its a finger licking yummylicious dish) but two months back I completely gave up aerated drinks (I hate it even more now), ditched Mac donalds/Kfc (only those, I love the burgers from other eateries) and became religious with my proteins, vitamins, minerals etc etc (I have literally grown up drinking protein shakes for breakfasts but since two years I have been doing it eveyrday, every week, every month!)

This particular restaurant called Oh! Calcutta is a quaint place for all the Bengali cuisine lovers, I must say the decor had an old world charm and obviously the food was healthiest to the core.

A must visit for those who love eating healthy and trying new cuisines out.

C'est fini

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21 September 2012

Make-up & Accessories Space.

Hey Guys, 
Today's post is all about make-up/accessories organization space (that was quite a mouthful). Here, I show you how you can store you jewellery/make-up,make it visually attractive & also use it as a part of your room decor. 

I was searching for a nail paint holder (this & this) and that is when I decided to totally de-clutter my drawers from all of the mess and organize it, so that I can see my stuff . 
The image below is the second half of the work table (the first half is the computer section).
I have this petite decoration framebox on the side where I put my make-up (it was meant for room accessories), and some flower crystals to add color, candles, a frame of Goddess Saraswati (click the link and you will come to know WHY?), a picture frame (you have seen her here) with my friend, Mom and Dad's anniversary present - a snowglobe and some knick-knacks.

 At the bottom I have my eyeshadow pallets, loose eye shadow, to the left  are M.A.C face products. The upper half is my lip gloss/lipstick section .

The topmost row stores my nailpaints (Only the ones which I think are Fall ready) and besides that I have my Oriental Princess makeup. Below that I have a bodybutter, and a cream blush and to the right I have my two highly used face powders. The white one is Maybelline and the pink is from Avon.

Now we shall see how I store my accessories and eye make-up. I keep my eye makeup inside cupboards, as it collects a lot dust outside and you don't want any kind of infection on them, do you?

I right now store my accessories in boxes, trays, mugs, cookie jars, dust bags etc etcin my two drawers. But I do want them organized and de-cluttered. Maybe I will attach screws on the last row of my make-up frame box and hang it on the wall, I can then hang all my neck-pieces on them, Sounds cool!

 This was actually a perfume tray, but now I keep all random stuff. This needs help right now!
Btw, I am a total hoarder for boxes, anything pretty and it stays in my cupboard till I find something good to do with it.

 This tiny little box is a tablet box, again used by me to keep all my real jewellery.

 This box here came, with travel size containers for lotions/shampoos/etc etc. I store all of them in my travel pouch so I didn't need this box anyway. I store all my big earrings/hair pins.

 This is a jewellery box, but here (That's me) I store all of my eye makeup, and I don't know how the hell did my lip balm land there.

 Again gifted for my parents, stole the black one (there were two) and this coffee mug is to store bangles/bracelets.

These are my two drawers which miraculously fit the world (read the above trays/boxes/mugs) in them. They are a mess, but its ok, I am sure you would understand! 
You see boxes, don't you. Wait I have more, just not here! 

This is the fun part of my cupoard, My belts/clutches/sling bags section. I love it here. 
The door has a set of hooks to which I hang my belts, a dust bag where I keep all my clutches and sling bags.
That Only bag has my new clothes which I didn't wear yet.
That holder is a great idea to keep all your belts which don't have a hook to hang them on screws. 
Beneath this I have a picture of my imaginary store . 

All my sisters and my handbags are neatly tucked in a side cupboard besides my wardrobe. 
Hair products, Lotions, Creams, Moisturizers etc etc, again go in the side cupboard.

How do you guys store your make-up and accessories? Do let me know in the comment section below!

C'est fini

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17 September 2012

My outfit from Globus!

Hello Readers,
You guys already know my love for fashion, designing, trends etc, but one thing I love to death is 'Styling'.
Nothing gives me more pleasure than preparing a mental sketch of the outfit, hunting the pieces which are closest to my mental sketch, picking out stuff pairing them with the right accessories, balancing the color hues, neatly detailing the smallest aspects,  and creating a desirous outfit.

A few days back I had been to Globus, Bandra for a store review. Now the presumptuous me thought that my tastes are so different than what Globus had to offer, but boy I was shocked.

Enjoy the pictures!

Globus had a ton of these  individual corsets, I kind of liked them because I do have a lot of maxi skirts, and they might look good with them, you never know!

These two colors are so FALL perfect! love it!

Neon Green Anarkali! Love love love love it!

this is such a cheap and chic blazer!
Only for INR 1349.


Is this dress making any sense to you? I seriously would take that for an anarkali suit!

A must try - Pants from the F21 collection. How good are the neon yellow ones. see below!

I miss  these pants so much, they are the most comfortable pair I ever tried on.
Do you own any bottoms from Globus???

Knit wear! Love the shades of grey. 
And here is the outfit I styled for you guys!

This outfit clearly describes my taste, hints of color, balancing off all hues and keeping it simple.
You can find all of these above items at their store currently.
Apart from these Globus has a lot of varieties in their Autumn/Winter '12 collection, do check out them in their online store

Try Globus for
  • Jeans
  • Accessories (Do drop by, You will thank me later)
  • Handbags/clutch/sling bags 
  • Blazers
  • Bright printed tops.

C'est fini,

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8 September 2012

Fall Make-up Guide '12


Hey you beautiful people, I am definitely excited to share this post for two reasons
a.) Its my 100th one, 
b.) Its related to Fall  (you guys should also know, I am randomly screaming and screeching *in       JOY*. y I don't know.)  

With just some days to go, Fall will be in full swing and I have decided that we (You & I) should take some effort to be on trend and look fabulous together. So lets see what trends we could pick up from Fall fashion runways/previews.

Having a Pop color through nails just gives that little extra touch and a glam factor. Burgundy, Jade, Grey, METALLIC or even soft pastels with grey undertones are good colors for Fall on your nails.
I really want a nice ink blue nail paint which actually looks like Black, yes!

My pick - Join the hype and try these foil nails the rest of the world is craving for, Faces Metallic Nails  or Asos Metallic Nail wraps. Or you could try wearing nail paints like these with a black paint underneath.

I absolutely love, no, LOVE having sparkly shimmery eyes, its my go to eye make-up whenever I feel like dressing up but not spending too much time on it. So keeping the eye in soft glistening colors is a good bet. Also I have seen A LOT of CAT EYES, so do sport one.
But you could try something summery like Anna Sui's (designer) make-up for her runway. She had done blue eye shadow, but we will try doing a liner with a wing, ok?

My pick - Keep it Simple with a bold lip and vice-versa. 

Its really hard for me to keep all my nudes, peaches, pinks, corals away. And I know most of you would kill me doing it, but yes, again colors like burgundy, plum, BERRY, matte red are the ones ruling the catwalk. 

My pick - I can never be comfortable wearing a dark true wine color everyday, hence I am opting for a more berry color, Try Maybelline's Fall 2012 Lip collection, trust me they will do you good!

Soft, feminine eye makeup

those are matte red lips btw~

Burgundy Love.

I used a metallic green nail paint and a black nail polish underneath to hide those yellow undertones.

Just a little hint of blue eye liner!
Take some notes and gear up for these trends!
C'est fini

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3 September 2012

A printed bait

August has been quite a tough month, exams, assignments, projects and Life in general, But I am so excited , its September finally (I so wished to have a post on the 1st day itself, but its better late than never right?)
It is my birthday month, and this year I think I will have have a ball in-spite of my last and final graduation year exams hovering over my head. 
And just like I had decided, I have divided my birthday shopping trips into three parts. Part A and Part B have already been completed. I have kept my Birthday "DRESS" (part C) shopping last not because I had planned it that way, but I am still in desperate search of it,
Guys if you see any pretty dresses online or in Mumbai, please do tell! (PLEASE).

On another note, I have worn this shirt thousands of time, like literally, with braids, with white jeggings, with pink accents, with leather..etc etc. Skulls are so huge, I keep seeing skull bracelets everywhere on the internet and they are just making me want to have more of them, they look cool when you stack them up in different colors.

Enjoy the pictures :)

top - only, necklace - singapore, bag - paprika, pants - zara, ring - wholesale-dress.net, shoes - ne&na

Do follow my facebook and twitter page to know more about my new fashion purchases, current style obsessions!
C'est fini

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