26 January 2013

Spring/Summer 2013

You know how much I love online shopping, and since winters are going to end anytime soon (Its a 100 degrees during the day here) I have already started looking for my Spring/Summer 2013 wardrobe!

So a while back, when I found out about Efoxcity.com  I was really excited on how affordable and inexpensive their clothes are, which is perfect for anyone who has no control on their shopping spree. 
So yesterday I was browsing and I have found the ultimate picks to have in your closet for this next season. 

Pick 1.) This super loose peachy pink sweater. I love it especially with those shorts below, perfect to balance out spring in cold days.
Price - $16.51

How adorable are these shorts. I love love the color. Pretty-ness
Price - $14.59
That is a gorgeous, two toned top, to wear over denim shorts or printed jeans. Dress it up or down it will look good either ways!
A thumbs up from me! 
Price - $10.77

This one made the list, only cause of those polka dots, so pretty!

And ofcourse I know many of you are going to be looking for  Prom dresses, Efoxcity.com has a whole load of evening dresses  which you could look through. My favorite has to be the beige slightly modern but sophisticated empire gown
The purple with lace detailing is equally pretty  and the embellished brooch is perfect bling!

Efoxcity.com is a wholesale clothing from china  with fashionable and trendy wholesale ladies clothing  too.
Go have a look and tell me which ones were your favorite picks!

C'est fini,

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25 January 2013


Hello Ladies, 
A week back I had attended a informative and truly fun filled event hosted by Divo HairBrush and Accessories with Dermalogica. Do check them out.
They gave us tips on how to maintain your hair and skin and how to make them healthy etc.
And I am actually giving out whatever tips and tricks I learnt that day on my Facebook page, so follow it here - CandyVioleta to know more.

Outfit Details - 
I think I have a little crush on Monochrome looks, Like honestly I wear it every  now an then, I have lost counts now ._.

Okk now *screams*, I have been wanting  dying to get a metal plated belt, and I was actually going to buy one from Asos for INR = 1345 ($25) back then, but thank goodness I didn't cause I found my imaginary priced possession during this sale period at Lino Perros  for INR 315 ($5.8).
Also I picked real cool arm cuffs, to match with the color of the belt.
Ohh yeah money spent wisely!

peplum top - Mango, black skinny pants - kraus, shoes -nena, arm candy  - assorted, belt - Lino perros, clutch - accessories, necklace - colaba causeway 

I have done a How to: Peplum guide , if you are interested just click on it to know more.
And also do check out the pictures from the event over here

C'est fini

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13 January 2013

Prom Perfect

Hey Guys, 

Prom has a lot of time to come, Like literally.
But honey if you want to look spectacular and talk of the town you need that perfect dress, the perfect look, and obviously the perfect date. :p

Meet Msdressy.com the one online store which caters to your prom/party/wedding needs. I landed with this beautiful floor length gown from Msdressy.com which fits me to the T.
I was a little skeptical (like any girl would be) that how my gown would turn out & how would it fit me.

But finally I was relieved when I saw my final product (more of that read below). Each and every dress is hand sown, they take every inch of your measurements, so that it fits perfectly to your body.

Browse through their huge collection on their website  - Msdressy.com - Prom dresses

Tips and pointers if you order from Msdressy -

  1. Make sure you give your exact measurements, you can ask you personal tailor or your friend to do it for you. 
  2. Be sure of the color of the dress. Now this is a really great feature, every dress in this website has loads of color options. Make sure you confirm about the color with their representative first. For eg - I really liked this dress but not the color.
  3. It takes time for any tailor to stitch the dress and the if you want it perfect, well patience is the key. Hence I do recommend to give a one months top after you place an order. I got mine in exactly 32 days. 
  4. And finally once you get, just have a proper storage place, cause they don't provide a garment bag to secure the dress.
Enjoy the pictures :)

Dress - c/o Msdressy.com , clutch - Esbeda, cuff and earrings - thrifted, shoes - Zara

I loved how this dress cinches up my waist and defines it. Plus the chiffon has such a breezy flowy look. The top half has a sequined bustier underneath the fabric, which adds a little bit of sparkle.

Dress - c/o Msdressy.com, earrings - swarovski, shoes - Zara

 I did two looks using the same floor length gown. One is a glam,-all out styled look and the other one is a sweet-romantic look.

The first look is glamorous, hair swept on one side, pops of color. Highly recommended if you love playing around, if you love doing make-up and just love fashion in general.

But if you are one of those girls who wants an effortlessly pretty look, try the second option.
Use a lot of highlighter as a part of your make-up (on your cheeks, brows just about any exposed area which hits light).
Go for set of earrings which are either gold/silver (Match it to your dress and accordingly select).

In either of the two looks, make sure you choose a stunner outfit.

C'est fini, I hope you have you have loads of fun and enjoy to the fullest!

If you are going to prom please send me a picture on either  Facebook or Twitter . Would love to see it.  Love you! 

9 January 2013

Twice a Charm.

Hello Loves,

Wishing you a very Prosperous New Year, may you enjoy health wealth and happiness.

Today's outfit posts revisits itself to exactly a year backs blogpost where I wore this exact same skirt, obviously, paired differently.
Read about the entire post here - Amidst Bliss

Well about the outfit, if you have been following me, you would know I love matching my bag and shoes with the same color.
I would recommend it to you if you want a balanced looking outfit, Here are some examples to help you understand better.

About the make-up :-

I have been constantly trying to learn how to get those blended, beautiful smoky eyes. And although I have successfully managed to do it, here is secret tip from me,
So you are a newbie in the make-up world, and all you know is Blend-blend and blend. STOP.
The idea is not to blend, not to go back n forth, again and again with THE brush. But patting the colors patiently on lids. The result you get is thousand times better and more effective!

Enjoy the pictures :-

top - globus, skirt - self designed, clutch - esbeda, shoes - metro.  

Ohhh my eye make-up! Love it!

C'est fini

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