14 February 2013

Nothing but Bold!

Heyy,  heyy!
Day four of the challenge, ( I Love blogging, but for those who blog everyday- new found respect for them!)

FYI - Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Xoxox ;-) (feels corny :|)

Today was a fun-filled day, with things, which I love and do the best!

A.) have fun with my girlies
B.) Styling myself/others
C.) pose the heck out of my damn body!

So the day began with the usual, me waking up only to realize I am late, rushing with things to get them done....! Life I tell you.
Later in the afternoon I had a Photoshoot to attend, where I was working fiercely the A,B&C's

All the dresses/accessories except shoes are from Creo Lifestyle Store. Do check out their page!

So these are the images which I clicked from my phone! And hence I think I will do a separate post with the high resolution ones.

Enjoy the pictures :)

 Its a sequined collared dress!

Ohh my ghosh, I loved the Black and white peplum dress, I picked it the first instance I saw!
Totally drooling over it!
Also did you like the statement pieces aka Jewelry?????
Well if you didn't, either you are a guy or you just don't understand jewelry!

C'est fini,

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  1. Love your nails! so cute!


  2. So nice necklaces and I like your dress. Have a great day.


  3. you are very sweet in your outfits and i cannot resist telling you that i love your necklace!

    is fashion my Passion? the MiriamStella's Blog


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