2 August 2013

Tried and Tested.

Sometimes I just go overboard with my love for monochrome and this outfit happens to explain it.

I asked myself - G, do you really want to wear something this bright and 'in your face' at the gloomiest season {It was raining hard} of the year? and I couldn't answer, so I had to take my Dad's 'expert' opinion and just wear it.

bag - snapdeal.com, watch- fossil, arm candy - Accessorize and Efoxcity.com, top - ginger, skirt - zara, shoes- converse, sunglasses - Ucb, necklace worn as anklet - Forever21

Enjoy the pictures :)

C'est fini

28 June 2013

Four Fountains Spa Review.

Hello guys, 
Just recently I spent a fantastic afternoon in the most calmest of environment, pampering myself with a de-stressing aromatherapy massage at none another than, The Four Fountains Spa – India’s largest chain of affordable day spas for de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity and beauty for men and women with most therapies priced between Rs. 599 to Rs. 1599

I scheduled an appointment before hand and made an reservation without having a single clue of the right spa therapy for me.
But at the appointment day, I was interviewed with a set of questions, along with a detailed explanation of all the therapies along with the recommendations of the therapists. 

The front line staff at Four Fountains.

Seating/waiting room.

 My spa room for the massage.

Now I now many of you must be wondering what you should wear, what should you do before or after a spa treatment etc etc.
Well, for starters,

  • Always book a spa appointment in the late afternoon i.e between 3-5pm, its a comfortable time.
  • Eat at least 2 to 3 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes, no make-up and leave your cell phone at home/or you could switch it off. 
  • Talk to your masseuse, tell her which pressure you are most comfortable in, if you have an area where you want to focus in, direct them so.
  • Sometimes spas can be too naive to even consider your words, Four Fountains surprised me by giving a warm and friendly approach to this experience. 
  • Drink up even if you dont like, usually all spas provide an after spa herbal tea. There is a meaning behind that : the tea helps to calm your mind.

I chose an Aromatherapy massage - Relaxing on the therapists recommendation to help remove mental exhaustion and recharge my mind and also relax my muscles. It was soothing and gentle and was a great choice since it was sleep inducing (my sleep has been very irregular - which I had mentioned during the survey)

I would love to go here again for a massage, only cause of their service and a very hospitable environment. The only thing which I didn't like was the way they go all hell bent on their customers for their membership, like just calm down. 

And just for your knowledge ~ Benefits of spas -
Reduce stress that shows up in the form of body aches and muscular pains
Reduce stress that shows up in the form of mental tension and anxiety
Spa Therapies help De-toxify
Spa Therapies Increase Immunity
Spa Therapies Enhance Beauty

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