17 February 2013

Quick update!

Heyy guys!
Day 7 of my blog everyday challenge! And it also happens to be the last day of it!

I keep updating you guys from time to time. Here was my previous one - Saturday Talks

Many of you asked the reason for doing a Blog everyday challenge and the reason was I didn't enjoy blogging for the past few months (or any other activity which usually gives me joy) as much I did earlier, which came as a surprise cause my world revolves around planning outfit posts, diys, fashion tips etc!

I kept blogging, but didn't really enjoy it truly. And when something which used to give so much thrill earlier doesn't excite you anymore then you have to know that there is a problem.

Understanding it, taking action, taking control again is very important. Just because suddenly things don't excite you, doesn't mean you have to look for something new instantly.
And hence I started with this blog every day challenge to push myself and just challenge myself in continuing doing what has been nothing but a blessing.

This one week just made me realize that I enjoy blogging more than I could ever imagine! And a special thanks to all my pretty fashion blogger friends! You guys are the best!

Also my Mumbai university result (doing BMS) came in earlier this January and I scored 77% in fifth semester! (give me gift suggestions quickly as I am getting something from my Mom and Dad, woot woot)

Read my entire weeks vlog here -
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Finally, I have to conclude that, nothing is more rewarding then having friends, online partners, followers, readers, complete strangers, appreciate and compliment your work! Thank you!
Btw, I redid my blogs lay out here, its all about being a Violeta here!

C'est fini

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