29 August 2012

How to : Casual Chic, part deux

Today we will, yet again, discuss how to "dress up" for our daily routine a.k.a Causal-Chic.

Read my first post on dressing up for Casual-Chic here.

The idea is not wearing a simple white tee with jeans but to take the simple sober minimalized piece of clothing to the next level, the styled H to T level, where the entire outfit looks compiled, assembled decisively and hits all the right spots.

 I am not advocating that you can't do the the same with a pretty blouse or an LBD, but an LBD with nude pair of heels and a painted pout looks sexy jazz enough even without an accessory.
But imagine a white tee....and blue jeans, it looks boring and plain. I love minimalism too but imagine doing a blogpost about it.

So lets get started-

Yes, I have shoes all over my place. 

Jazz up the main element, the shirt - with a necklace, scarf, belt etc. Make it fun,&colorful.

Accessorize! How?
Pick any of these combinations -
1,) Necklace and belt
2.)  Earrings and scarf/belt (play with arm candy)
3.) Necklace and chunky rings

Poof your hair. Nothing says Glam then a poofy hairstyle!

top - people, pants- zara, shoes - ginger, obi belt - veromoda, earrings - colaba causeway, ring - wholesale-dress.net
style- my own :p

And there you go, ready to rock casual-chic.

Some easy pointers to remember
  1. Make-up is a No-No. (A lip balm and eye-kajal looks good though)
  2. But do paint your nails.
  3. You need to make it look effortless, like it took you less than 10 minutes to get ready.
  4. All my accessories are color co-ordinated with the colors in the belt.
  5. Where would I wear this? To lunch, to college, to meet my friends.

C'est fini

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22 August 2012

Nokia Apptasting Event!

Welcome to another event post.

Indiblogger had hosted a Nokia Apptasting (erm, what? you may ask, behold and read) event last Sunday and I put my best fashionable foot forward.

So what exactly was this event for?
Firstly to integrate Food and Technology, secondly to showcase Apps (as in 'applications') for Nokia phones (not exactly food related), celebrate 5yrs of success of Indiblogger, and lastly be awestruck on Rajiv Makhni's hosting skills (Man, this guys is on a roll)

Before getting into pictures, here are some Nokia Apps which can change your life or not, for the technologically disabled you.
  1. Smart Group Shot.
  2. Face Warps.
  3. Nokia City Lens.
  4. Alcohol in Blood.
Click here to know more about the apps.

Enjoy the pictures :)

The hosts for the night, Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhni
The 60 secs of  fame round, where the hosts asked certain bloggers whether they are foodie or a techie and how does food integrate technology?
Indiblogger- Why din't you display my name? I would totally side Food, and my answer would be "Technology helps me to cook food as I search recipes online! :p

 Rajiv and Vikas were holding a quiz and asking open ended questions to the audience if the volunteers failed to do so,
I just missed winning by one digit. So silly of me!


I did not sit straight for the entire event for a single minute, I was either laughing my ass off or was trying to control my laughter.
Man, Vikas and Rajiv were so hilarious!
The jokes I tell you.

The Cake cutting and celebration!
Happy 5yrs Indiblogger

Just wanted to show you guys the detailing at the neck!

Apart from this I met the gorgeous Ila and other bloggers too, we had so much fun and joy. I think everybody who came surely had a gala time! A night spent well.

C'est fini

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21 August 2012

My fall picks from Jabong.com

Hello guys!

As you all know Fall is slowly but steadily making its way, its only natural to stock some knacks for this season. 
As obsessed as I may sound I have already started collecting my items and looking forward to get others too.
I chose these shoes from Jabong.com and these I tell you are going to be my 'Fall Favorites'
I love pairing ankle length shoes with jeans, it gives a long continuous never ending effect for my legs (only if you pair them right!). 
These Jove Glads Black Gladiators look fabulous and I love the detailing in the front and show the right amount of skin.

About the Brand - Jove,
  • They sell all of their shoes for a flat rate of RS.750/-
  • They definitely run a size up. ( My shoe size is 6/36/3 and I got a size 5/35/2.5)
  • They have huge collection of kitten wedges, with so many different colors.
  • Jove and Miss Benett are two brands which just make shopping at Jabong fun. So make sure you check these two out.
 I wasn't pleased with the way the box looked and was concerned about the shoes inside.

 But, thankfully the insides were intact and neatly packed in separate plastic bags with foam sheets inside the shoe to hold their shape.

 I swear gladiators and shorts/skirts/dresses are a match made in hell. Don't wear them guys, especially if you have short stubby legs!

My other hopeful FALL Picks from Jabong.com - 
  1. This amazing sequined clutch in Chevron Design.
  2. A simple White blouse which can be layered.
  3. And lastly a good solid Comforter, to keep me warm and cozy all through those cold winter nights.

Pro's and Con's about the website (just to help you out)

  1. Quick Delivery! I got mine within 48 hours.
  2. Customer Friendly Staff, even the delivery boy asked me if my shoe fit! (Btw, he was the courier company's guy)
  3. Free Shipping, both ways (which is nowadays a usual thing)
  4. Covers all the necessary details of the product in the description box.
  1. No International Shipping (I hate to show you guys websites which do not ship internationally!)
  2. The product listing is so confusing. They will have the same product but with different colors in different sections. (Why can't the show all the colors in the description box, like other sites?)
  3. The jewellery section is a major turnoff. 

C'est fini,

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