27 June 2012

DIY Belle Noel Hair Chains

Hello My Beautiful Readers!
Today''s post is a bit different. I have indulged in a bit of editing, movie making & directing.

So today's DIY post is on the latest, trendiest and hottest accessory of the season - Belle Noel Hair Chains!
After reading an article on Hair Accessory Trends via In-FB, I was inspired to re-create something on similar lines and this is what I got.
I thought it would be simpler for me as well as you guys to demonstrate on a video instead of doing a blogpost.
NOTE - I am not committing to Youtube any time sooner, so if you happen to see only a single video of mine then you know the answer.

About styling, I like this particular accessory only on straight hair, because the layers can be seen more prominently as opposed to curly or wavy hair.

Watch the video here - Diy Belle Noel Hair Chains

Hope you like it!
C'est fini

23 June 2012

Florals. Turquoise. Love.

Hello Readers!
How have you all been? (now, honestly that feels like I am introducing you after a long time)

A small update, I am on twitter (finally) & its so much fun. If you don't have a twitter account then do get one and although I did connect it to my blog's account, but I use it as @gargi22_9, and its open for my blog followers as well as my friends! So if you know me, come say HI!

What else? I am enjoying making videos. One thing I just realized I am too comfortable on camera (just being modest). I always thought I would hate myself on screen, cause lets be honest we all look like some wicked pandas, with fats hugging at all the wrong places. But no,I actually look like me, the camera gods are really trying to make an effort. (must be the camera gods, only)I see a strong faithful relationship coming my way.

Now onto the outfit post,
This blazer is acting like a wind-cheater during rains. Its made of those thick non-woolen fabrics which does not absorb water, so in-short its a perfect rain wear. And the beaded necklace is one of the jewelry made by me!
And, ohh yeah I am currently determined to buy jelly shoes in all primary colors!

Enjoy the pictures!!


just to show you a complete H to T look!

blazer- somewhere from malaysia, top - ginger, jeans - only, necklace - d.i.y, shoes - lokhandwala.
on my cheeks - mac's coppertone.
on my lips- maybellines pleasure me red (just dabbed a little over a lip balm)

my purple jelly shoes! (My sister's orange flats!)

I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!
Ohhh and tweet me at - @gargi22_9

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19 June 2012

Blue magic.

I admit that I do edit my pictures, nothing too fancy -changing the exposure, straightening, contrast, adding textures and stuff like that. But I swear I did not edit these set of pictures. Either my camera is miraculously capturing amazing pictures or the world wants me to have better lighting. Either ways I am not complaining, please keep doing this!

On another note, My sister who happens to be elder (that doesn't mean you get an upperhand in everything) thinks that I overdress all the time but in the blogging world I am just dressing up for casual-chic and pretty much dressed but definitely not over-dressed!

Enjoy the pictures :)

dress- sister's/esprit, bag - asos.com, shoes- Fny.com, stacked bracelets- assorted, dainty necklace - accessorize.
on my hair - loreal's spiral splendour.
on my lips - chambor - truly sunset lipstick.
See, how easy breezy my outfit was. I love using monochromatic colors in an outfit, because it is pleasing to your eyes and they look right. I love adding textures too, like adding a navy blue scarf (matching the dress color) in silk to give a visual effect, but the weather wasn't conducive, so never mind and one of my favorite example is wearing a pearl necklace on a beige  off-white blouse, so pretty!

And lastly, how fascinating Euro League is? I think having having two favorite teams is ok? Mine are Germany and England. 

C'est fini,

13 June 2012

My colored denims in 3 ways.

Hello dolls!

Some weeks back I had the biggest challenge of convincing my friend to buy a pair of colored bottoms(in the end she stuck to her side).
This post is a direct pointer to her and many other girls who refuse to spend money on colored denims.

On a personal note, Like all other girls when I saw people rocking the colored denims in S/S '11, I was skeptical trying this "childhood" trend (I wore hot pink pants when I was young) and the first pair I got was way later in July'11 & that too in cobalt blue. Slowly and steadily I had my fair share of colored denims or bottoms!

So how exactly did I get accustomed to this trend?
Not thinking it as an trend. Trends come,fade and leave but your style remains with you eternally!
If you really want to try pushing your boundaries and make some interesting clothing choice then I say work your way the hottest trend to stay - COLORED DENIMS.

I recently purchased these powder green ZARA denims and I am loving them every bit!
Here is how I styled them in 3 ways. These are the only ways I like to pair my colored denims with. If you have any other ways or your style, then do let me know!

Look 1 - here, Look 2 - top - forever new, shoes -fny.com,necklace -kazo. Look 3 - top - veromoda, shoes - mellow yellow, bag - paprika.

Look 1.
Go bold - Matching your light colored denims with a bold contrasting colored top. Here,not only the bold color magnifies its own color but also brings in the minty-ness of the jeans. Also I balanced the entire look by using another pastel pink color on my shoes and bag.
note - if you are wearing brighter pair of bottoms, then chose a light colored top.

Look 2.
Strong prints - Stripes are your thing and black+white stripes are universally accepted as the "it" color combination. Here I pair my powder green jeans with a stripey top and statement necklace.

Look 3.
White - All colored denims look exceptionable good when paired with a white top. You should definitely try them if its your first time. You can select a chiffon blouse or button down shirt or a tee. Here I pair the two classic combinations with neutrals i.e tan loafers and a black handbag.

My other parings with colored bottoms - herehereherehere & here.

I hope you guys had fun reading this, and if this helped you a little bit then do let me know!
C'est fini,

8 June 2012

How to : Peplum

Peplum is such a strong spring/summer trend, it literally lets your clothes do the talking & gets the conversation going.(tip - you could wear peplum clothes to stand out and grab attention).
The reason why it creates such a high intensity effect is probably because everyone finds this flirty layer unique. It would be such a shame that I do not feature how to create peplum over my blog. So lets started.

Before we begin, Let understand why peplum?
Peplum creates an exaggerated look for your hips as it emphasis on that area predominantly (It also accentuates your waist line). So body types which are an apple shape, hourglass shape & heavy tops need not worry much about this trend as they can carry peplum  really easily.
But, a pear shape should dwell more thoughts before wearing this trend. Since peplum exaggerates your hips, a pear shape would look completely off balance & 'FAT' to begin with. The next best thing a pear shape can do is to exaggerate the top half by concentrating on shoulders (You could do power shoulders, boat neck & straps at the beginning of your shoulder) . By doing so a pear shape will eventually regain its balance.

Things you will need

  1. A belt
  2. any top, jacket, kaftan, empire shaped top.

top - ucb, shrug-forever new, accessories - accessorize, belt - lifestyle, pants - van heusen.

  1. Wear a piece of clothing (top)similar to mine. Heavy fabrics show the flare more prominently but silkier fabrics tend to have a nice waterfall like pleats which look pretty.
  2. Guys belt is a girls bestfriend! You know how many DIY's I have done using a belt alone? 
  3. Suck, yes! breathe in and suck up your belt to every lowest, possible-st inch and fix the goddamn thing (I tried thinking what exactly that thing the hook is called but never mind)
  4. And voila, you are spot on peplum-ing~
  5. Happy Trending!

NOTE - I know the  first image doesn't seem different even without the belt. This is because I wore this outfit to an event for over 6 hours and the shrug refused to budge those crease lines (eh you, after a wash it is over and out, don't panic). Incase you din't realize I took the pictures after the event, fyi.

NOTE 2- This lace-y shrug is such a great transitional piece. I will be pairing it with a cropped blazer during Mumbai winters.

I hope it helped! and obviously if you have any doubts or questions then do let me know through the comment section below or email or facebook page. 
My other peplum outfits, here & here.

This is a relatively new series wherein I will be showing season's latest trends which can be found in your closet
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5 June 2012

Powder Green.

                                  Hello the month of JUNE, woot woot, I already did my first post of this month but god knows why I feel like addressing it clearly today.
 ATTENTION - Don't spend a dime this month, start saving as the Sale Season will be here soon. 
Moving on, I am in love with delicate love-esque accessories, things with hearts, Love/Peace/Forever symbols. They do make you feel dainty and special. I would definitely include them in my favorite list for the month of May.

Enjoy the pictures. 

The accessorize salesperson found me totally weird when I picked up the "L" necklace. Now how to explain L stands for L-O-V-E and not my names initial!

top-chemistry, pants & shoes-zara, statement necklace & bag- esbeda, dainty accessories- accessorize, 

Good Food grabs my attention.


These minty green jeans are my latest obsession, I love these. I have worn it like 1000 times since my purchase. Surprisingly I don't call this color a mint, I call it a "powder green". Back in August'11 I had done a post on my wishlist items and I wanted this color so bad and it wasn't available anywhere, not even on Asos (you know when you have nothing but yet you don't lose hope because you always have a back-up)
And Come Dec'11, and all the stores are filled with this color, you know how happy I would have been? I have powder green everything now, full bellies!

On a different note, these pictures were taken at an event I went recently. I met such sweet bloggers, they are really good so do check out their blogs, AmenaIlaRitcha.

What was your favorite item in MAY? Do let me know in the comment section below.
Until next time
C'est fini,

1 June 2012


You know this wasted anxiety called OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) ?
 Every time I open my BBM, I always get this irritated anxiety and every single time I have to ask my self that why are my chats more than my number of friends.
My OCD levels are notching up and higher every time I solve finance, like I hate it when the answers are in points (eg:5142.0321). I know the answer can come in points or negative, but it tears my brains out and I have to recheck it again, and the worst is rounding off the answer.
I read my post 5 times before hitting 'PUBLISH' and again once after hitting publish . (And I edited this after hitting PUBLISH)
I take First Impression is the Last literally.
While getting ready if someone "callsORknocksORshoutsORscreamsORtalks=disturbs", I hate it, absolutely HATE it. (Mom, you see the Capitals, good!)   *AMEN*

Sometime back we celeberated my parents 25th anniversary, and it was so much fun! Like literally, my sister and I were on our toes the entire time. We also had color theme of Green and Yellow along with many couple games. Enjoy the pictures.

lol, we broke the 25 carving in chocolate

me, dad, mom & sister

peplum skirt - forever new, top - van heusen, accessories - accessorize, heels - zara
Sisters:- , dress - madmen, accessories - add ons, watch - armani, heels - zara

the boy you see is my  cousin bro.
                This is probably the first time, I am introducing my family pictures and it feels different! (like the way you feel when yo are introducing your guy to your family )*read title*
Anyhow, I am planning to do a quick How to post on Peplum  too.

C'est fini
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