11 October 2012

Engaged in Blue

I love pairing different shades of blue together, turquoise blue + cobalt blue happens to be my favorite, well it does look good together.

Moving on, peplums are a seasons favorite style-trend, You see it everywhere, in dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, shrugs etc etc!
This Peplum top, is such a finder's keeper for me, it was wrinkled, folded and no girl thought of even looking at this thing. I was the one who saved the poor child from its state (Although I did fight with the store manager to give me a new piece.) even when the size (it was medium, and I am a size small) runs a little big.

And to tell you a funny story, in-order to save time I did this photo-shoot, before going to an event, in my building lobby (which you must have already seen several times by now) and these crazy high school kids, the mail guy, the building manager were giving me a hard time to click pictures. I get a little uncomfortable when someone watches me and definitely when they watch us fashion bloggers posing for our accessories and handbags and etc etc (imagine asking your friend to click a picture in a public place of your ears to show your ear rings , yes, exactly!)

Thus I always click pictures either early morning, mid-afternoon or late night, peace!

Enjoy the pictures :)

my fav picture!

top - apcoa, jeans-kraus, bag-asos.com, necklace- add ons, bracelet- goa, shoes - charles & keith.

And lastly create your very own peplum top, using items available in youR closet. If you want to know more then click on this link - How to : Peplum. I had written this post a while back and its super easy and super chic.

And FINALLY I was featured on Mumbaimag.com, read the article What is Mumbai Wearing? here.
You can see me & other great fashion bloggers and read about them too :), yaaayyyyy us!

C'est fini,

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6 October 2012

Mixing up some Leather.

For the longest time I wanted a leather  faux leather clothing item in my closet, although these pants I have are quite the 'it' pants they dint satiate my desire to have some thing like the Fringed leather skirt from ZARA
Finally after a long wait I got this beautiful Skirt with Paillettes with a leather like texture! And in no way I am settling or less happy with my choice.

Enjoy the pictures.

top - Veromoda, skirt - ZARA,glitter heels - Raw Hide, bag - Paprika, stone bangle - Mom's, ring - asos.com. 

I love how the skirt shapes my legs. It ends at the right length. Finding such a skirt with no pleats and yet  makes you look that good are hard to find. My General rule of buying mini skirts are:-
a.) It has to be High Waisted
b.) Needs to have pleats, gatherings.
c.) Has to be A-line (Never liked body-con skirts) and ends an inch over my knees.

In cases you are clueless about the length of your skirt, Just remember the proportions of your leg.

LONGER THIGHS+SHORTER CALVES = Go a few inches above the knee
SHORTER THIGHS + LONGER CALVES = Go a few inches below the knee.

Hope this helped
C'est fini


3 October 2012


Before I even begin with my talks, please listen to this. And while the song is playing in the background I shall start doing my usual.

I can't believe September is over so quickly, It feels just yesterday I celebrated my birthday (Yes I am still stuck on it)

Anyhoo, Todays outfit is all about playing safe with COLOR.
I bet all you Fashionistas out there know, Mustard is a huge A/W'12 trend. Pairing it up with green/purple/oxblood shades is a bonus, but since it was an indoor party I decided to pair it up with a black top.

Investing in such clothing items is a total must, you could do so many things with such plain non-graphic  tops, pair them with statement  accessories, use it as a neutralizer to your colorful outfit (what I have done here), layer it up with other clothing pieces.

This leads to an another A/W'12 trend, a.k.a LAYERING. Tops like these (thin/sheer/semi sheer/sleeveless) are great for using layers in your outfit. 
Come December, I will be wearing loose cardigans with scarves over this top and some stylish pair of sunglasses!

Enjoy the pictures! :)

top - Forever21, shorts - Bangkok, shoes - Charles and Keith, bracelet - accessorize .

These Glitter shoes are my most coveted item. I have got these for only on those occasions where dressing up becomes restrictive. There are times (rarely) where you can't dress up, can't wear heels, can't use your accessories to do all the talking, In such times you need such shoes which whisper and yet grab attention.

C'est fini

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