31 August 2011


Hello beautiful people!!
'There is no blue without yellow and without orange. '
Vincent Van Gogh .

   I am going out now to buy me a pair of high heels for  my birthday.
ohhh btw, did ya know my birthday rule???
shhhhhh,ill tell you in my next post. keep guessing till then. 
Untill then enjoy my today's OOTD!

Today I am wearing a sunshine yellow skirt with a floral printed top, I love flaunting my best asset of my body which is everything my high waist, hence I teamed this outfit with a tan belt. And lastly I slipped into purple shoes {(my fav'est color)}.

  • skirt- ZARA
  • top- GINGER
  • shoes- BANDRA
  • belt- MANGO
If you like my outfit then pls comment.
C'est fini.

30 August 2011

Can you see what I can see??????

Hello guys...... kisses to all my readers for taking your precious time and reading my blog.
I love you all!!!

So today we are experimenting with a new makeup technique which is seen on so many celebs like Kim Kadarshian, Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc.... I particularly like Kim Kadarshians make-up, she is so tamed and subtle and glamorous with it. Do we think alike here?????? post a comment below and tell me.

this picture reminds me of Jenifer lopez's cheek bones.

wot would i do without http://www.picnik.com/   ???? Guys the color is really blended well, its jus because of the stupid flash.....colors really dark!!

can u see the dark mauve color in the corners and almost sheer crease??????? :-

So  this eye make up technique is called the 'INVERTED CREASE' . it is basically the opposite of how you normally put eye shadow, instead of blending the shadow on the ends and up in the crease, we do it right under the beginning of your brows!!!! chic????

I kinda did a smoky version using mauve and olive green , but you can use any colors present in this whole wide planet!! and a hint of mascara only on the extreme corners of my eyelash!
for the rest of my make-up
blush - MAC's Coppertone used as a CONTOUR and oriental princess's - mandarin mantra as a BLUSH
highlight-covergirls's highlighter
lipstick - chambor's M115
lipgloss - chambor's GG 18

wwaaaaiiitttt waaitttt....my fav part, i did a cute messy side bun {my new love}with a braid on the other side. unfortunately my camera couldnt pick it!!!!

C'est fini!

25 August 2011

take good care of my wishlist. :p

we all wish something, some wishes are through inspirations , some are made, some are faked and some are smiled upon.
I am a picky shopper (is that the right word??), i like to choose the best available item at the best price with darl' accessories. I hate distractions on my way, like people/friends, when I have a time restriction, otherwise its so much fun!!!  And once i hit the mall, ill start whirlpooling the place then grab a quick meal and think over all the items I found pretty ......and tht takes so much of my timeeeeeee! and why? cause i am a picky shopper :p!!!:p

Here are some items on my wishlist,

backless blazers, such a FAB!

Victorian neck-piece, now i don have many BLACK TIE events to go to, but it doesn hurt to stock it in your jewellery ~

tulle skirts 
wouldnt the skirts look fab with a leopard print belt and turquoise top??? 

this here is a crazy obsession for animal print blazers, but i prefer crazy shoulder pads! you???

this color is so rare to find, powder green blouses are the most rarely seen items,
i googled it too...but alas cant find it.
btw, if you add a wee bit of white to this blouse color....there you have it POWDER GREEN
I WAN IT BAD! it will suit my skin color so well

sunglasses ring, can anybody help me find these????

and finally, gold shoes..
now when i say gold, i mean metallic gold....

this being the end, ill talk to you in my next post
c'est fini

21 August 2011


Is everyone enjoying a long vacay or am I the only one????
lol, i have been on a break since my exams.......and i am loving it....
Today i went out with my friends for lunch, a mexican restaurant {my love for mexican food started when i joined spanish tutions this may} so i wore a pink dress shirt and black polka dotted leggings, dont we all just love pink & black combo!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

On a different topic, eepppsss I am so happy after a month i will  turn a year older.....yayyyyyy and i have started shopping already, ....... 0:) ........lalalalalaalalla....

This outfit can be great for school tooooo

  • top - ucb
  • leggings - vero moda
  • accessories - aldo
  • shoes - lokhandwala 
  • sling - baggit

c'est fini!!!!!!

19 August 2011

Pleasure me Red...

........those of you who are beauty/make-up addicted would probably know what my title says....
So lately i have been obsessing to buy a red/hot pink lipstick and hence i read reviews online......it was either going to be Macs Russian Red or Maybellines Fatal Red , but either of them were not in stock {annoyed at this moment}so i had to settle with Maybellines Pleasure me Red!
First of all i liked the color-pigmented-sultry-moisturizing. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW GUYS!
Now, this is a quick post on fall make-up and clothing.............I am so ready for airy/dry winters {ohh btw, i live in Mumbai, the winters here are not that cold  -YOU-SEE-GLOBAL WARMING -}

I hope you guys like it, and this outfit is inspired by Olivia Palermo, such a fab!

P.S dont open your mouth wide, ull look scary with a bold lip


C'est fini!!!!!!
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12 August 2011


Hello there!
how have all of you been...????
phhewwww....Finally my exam got over today...and i am so happy..yaayyyy!!!!!
apart from that i forgot to tell you guys I had a presentation last week...and although being a  SECOND YEAR BMS student i have given only ONE  presentation....hahahahaha.... YES, i nicely skipped all of them.
So last Friday I gave my presentation and surprisingly Sir liked my presentation and applauded, YYAAAYYY MEEEE!!!

So last post i promised you guys a post on long voluminous eyelashes without using any false eyelashes.. so lets begin with it.

*This fall, the trend is to create scaly spidery eyelash {i really dont know why i said 'SPIDERY', but now the description suits perfectly} with a bold lip.*

You will need a mascara,  i use maybelline colossal.
Instead of going the usual way i.e from roots to ends  do exactly the opposite i.e from ends to roots.
This creates long dramatic eyelash.........


WOHHOOOOOO.......so much better !!!!!!

I learnt this trick almost 5-6 years ago from this make-up show called RUBY & MILLIE MAKE-UP....
So, did u like it.........if you do then leave me a comment...
c'est fini!!!!!

10 August 2011

Ohhhh Kimmyyy!

Do you like Kim Kadarshians style???
She's always so glammed and dolled up ....

her look:-
high heels
statement neckpieces
fitted dresses/ blazers with crazy shoulder pads
and smokey eyes with long false eyelash

Do you love long lashes? and crave for them, then be happy cos  I have a tip coming soon on it.........stay tuned

C'est fini

7 August 2011


Hello der!
I am in such peppy fun mood, {inspite of zillion bad things happening around me}
so first of all let me wish you a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIPS DAY!!! those of you who dont know its something which is celebrated evry  year , the first sunday of this month....
IN school we used to tie satin ribbons on each others wrist and thn later the trend was to write messages on every inch of your body including your clothes...
over the years I completely stopped following this DAY,and  exchanging messages over cell phones, FB, n etc was it!!
So today I was completely shocked, suprised, astonished {cant explain you what I felt} when the young generation [wait im young tooooooo] correction : the super- young- generation rang my door bell to tie me those glossy ribbon bands
<3 <3 <3
I was so happy to be in that spot, awwwww. Its almost been 3 years I dint celebrate it, the friendship day which happened 3 years back was the most memorable one.....
hahahhahhahaha.im sure if my friends read it, they'll know what i am talking about!!!!!!

anywhich way have a happy FRIENDSHIPS DAY, and stay true!
c'est fini!!!
I wish I had clicked a picture with em.....

hahhahahahah, the one which I was talking about.........
crazy names!!!!!

do you have any memorable friendships day??????
gimme me a sneak peak  of it, would love to hear them!!!!

c'est fini!!!
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