28 June 2013

Four Fountains Spa Review.

Hello guys, 
Just recently I spent a fantastic afternoon in the most calmest of environment, pampering myself with a de-stressing aromatherapy massage at none another than, The Four Fountains Spa – India’s largest chain of affordable day spas for de-stressing, de-toxification, immunity and beauty for men and women with most therapies priced between Rs. 599 to Rs. 1599

I scheduled an appointment before hand and made an reservation without having a single clue of the right spa therapy for me.
But at the appointment day, I was interviewed with a set of questions, along with a detailed explanation of all the therapies along with the recommendations of the therapists. 

The front line staff at Four Fountains.

Seating/waiting room.

 My spa room for the massage.

Now I now many of you must be wondering what you should wear, what should you do before or after a spa treatment etc etc.
Well, for starters,

  • Always book a spa appointment in the late afternoon i.e between 3-5pm, its a comfortable time.
  • Eat at least 2 to 3 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes, no make-up and leave your cell phone at home/or you could switch it off. 
  • Talk to your masseuse, tell her which pressure you are most comfortable in, if you have an area where you want to focus in, direct them so.
  • Sometimes spas can be too naive to even consider your words, Four Fountains surprised me by giving a warm and friendly approach to this experience. 
  • Drink up even if you dont like, usually all spas provide an after spa herbal tea. There is a meaning behind that : the tea helps to calm your mind.

I chose an Aromatherapy massage - Relaxing on the therapists recommendation to help remove mental exhaustion and recharge my mind and also relax my muscles. It was soothing and gentle and was a great choice since it was sleep inducing (my sleep has been very irregular - which I had mentioned during the survey)

I would love to go here again for a massage, only cause of their service and a very hospitable environment. The only thing which I didn't like was the way they go all hell bent on their customers for their membership, like just calm down. 

And just for your knowledge ~ Benefits of spas -
Reduce stress that shows up in the form of body aches and muscular pains
Reduce stress that shows up in the form of mental tension and anxiety
Spa Therapies help De-toxify
Spa Therapies Increase Immunity
Spa Therapies Enhance Beauty

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24 June 2013

The Trend.

hey hey!
If it wasn't for the Tropical Print Mania happening all over the world, I wouldn't have picked up these shorts.
One of my best buys this season are the crochet neon pink top and these fun tropical print (crazily obsessed with this print, read here) shorts.

Also a quick update, I have finally graduated and it feels awesome! ohh yes. 
And sometime back I had an interview with a lovely host, you can read more about that here 

Enjoy the pictures!

tropical printed shorts, necklace & neon pink top - Forever new, wedges - Zara A/W'12, watch - Fossil S/S'13, arm candy- Accessorize

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10 June 2013

Fathers Day Guide with Arrow

Hey hey
Every year, my sister and I celebrate Fathers Day with much enthusiasm and excitement (that includes cakes, wines, gifts) and when I see my friends just wishing their fathers and getting over with it, something just doesn't settle with me.

Get ready to celebrate Fathers Day on 16th June 2013 with Arrow
This year surprise your father, buy a cake in his favorite flavor, shop in advance and prepare a small get-to-together at home with your family right when clock strikes 12am and its  Fathers Day already!

And since I know many of you are pondering about what to get, let me remind you - A man no longer wears the first thing he lays his hands on in his cupboard. He wants the finest and should get the finest! 

I visited the Arrow store a few days back for their Fathers Day campaign, and have clicked a few pictures of the store, you will surely get some idea on what to buy for your Father, and don't forget to check their President's collection. Its the best!

President's Collection by Arrow,are the super premium shirts from Arrow
 its super super soft and feels very exquisite.
I would definitely suggest to gift one of the shirts from their Premium Collection to your Dad.

 The entire President's Collection - Arrow
head to the store and inquire about the price and other details.
Venue - Infinity 2 Mall, Malad West.

Its fair to say that all fathers prefer a White Shirt on a daily basis.
Thus an easy choice would be giving a white shirt.

This is Arrow's spring and summer line.

And some other gifting ideas for you guys from Arrow.
These range from Rs.699 - Rs.1699.

 And I saw discount on shoes! Yayyyyy! 

 Arrow also gift wraps your shopping in a special gift box on demand.
Now wouldn't your Father be pleased to open something which is beautifully and neatly packed and make him feel special?

Don't forget to honor your hero, your father this 16th June 2013.
C'est fini,

8 June 2013

Lust List - Tropical Print Clothes

At the moment my wardrobe is a symphony of neons and lace (love them). And somehow I am always on the lookout for something more! {Girl problems, I tell you}

This time around I have caught up with the popular vacationing spot a.k.a The Tropics in my closet, quite literally.
Palm leaves or some verde, wild pretty colourful flowers and with interesting patterns; they are one big buzzing trend happening right now.

I wanted to do an outfit post wearing my super cool tropical printed shorts, but right now I feel bloated ‘fat’ and thus leaving it for some other day.
I am talking about these shorts - Instagram

But anyways these are some super cool tropical printed clothes for you to understand.

1 June 2013

Forever 21 in Mumbai.

Hey hey!

Forever21  is finally in Mumbai, (Infinity 2, Malad) Yaayy! *excited*

I visited the store today and was screaming in joy. I am absolutely in love with their collection and you have to give this store a try!

The collection is very chic, very very trendy with a signs of dumping here and there.
The collection of shorts (patterned, printed, ombre, leather, butterfly) is huge and offers crazy variety

  (I did not have time to scan the entire store, only cause the place was filled with a mob of women -shopping crazily,which made it difficult to do so, sigh!)

I on the other hand didn't go crazy shopping. I only picked up items which were in my wish list and luckily found them over here.

Enjoy the pictures!

 The accessory section is mind-boggling.
the variety is huge and plus they are affordable!
The adorable dainty pieces I got were Rs.99/- and Rs.129/- each.

 I also picked up Polka Dotted Jeans, again I wanted them for so long but never actually purchased them.
(P.S -these ones fit me perfectly.)

I wanted a pair of metal plated heels since forever, I mean it- FOREVER!  The ones which I picked are are super stylish and look fierce.

I would definitely ask each teenager to visit this store, its fun, free, and wild and the prices are reasonable, nothing feels cheap or over priced as of now!
(I hope they don't increase their prices in future) 
Happy Shopping!

C'est fini
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