15 February 2013

Spring/Summer 2013

Hey hey!
Day 5! And I know many of you are wondering why I have taken up this challenge of blogging everyday this week, Yes I will answer all your questions, just not today....

Since Spring/Summer 2013 is already here in Mumbai, (the weather is 50degrees) I am about to show my top style trends which I am following as of now!

Trend no.1 - The Iconic Neon!
Nothing says va-va-voom then hot-hot Pink/Blue. I am loving this spring trend, and I have already started collecting statement pieces in neon shades!
I am lusting over this spiked threaded bracelet set from Forever21

Love this necklace from this post - Appropriation

 These neon pink shoes are craved now, more here - Peaches love

Need I even say more? DIY - Arm Candy

Trend no.2 - Pastel Love!
I love pastels, I find them genuine, soft, romantic, easy. If I would own a house now, it would all be done in pastel tints. Love it.
Lace dress in pastels from Asos *faints*

New pastel shirt, Read more here - Into Chevron

Trend no.3 - Minting it strong.
As all of you know by now, I have a thing for mint green, It may sound crazy, but I kind of feel that it is my color.... I created it...... And in my world Mint Green is called Powder Green (totally tripping). JUST SAYING!
Stripe shirt in mint from Forever21 is on my wishlist.

This dress, my first powder green purchase!

Mint green jeans, totally not bothered with the person on my right - Powder Green

Trend no.4 - All black/ All white, everything
My style has changed a little over, these past few months. I like clean, straight, easy, no nonsense kind of clothes. And thus Black+White happens to be my 'go to' color in my closet! Also my neon jewelry goes extremely well with it!
This white lace skater skirt from Topshop is so pretty

This is 'pure' to me - Infinitude 

This picture reminds me that I still have this top, ohh yeah!

Trend no.5 - Bohemian

Boho in a very tasteful way! Everything should collectively look pretty! Nooooooot the trippy/messy/wasted look. I like to call it Boho Chic..
Adorable in its own right, this white maxi dress from FreePeople looks an easy DIY.

My fav tribal printed skirts - Off Prints and Statements 

I hope you take notes from it, and also stay true too!
C'est fini,

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  1. Love pastels and brights for the summer! It's getting hotter by thr day - I can barely wait :D

  2. You look great in all that outfits. Have a great day.


  3. Awww..love it ^__^ , every picture has got a story to tell :) Your curves look great in all black peplum..!
    Elegance Stylized Blog

  4. Latest Indian Fashion . thanks for sharing this information with us. LOVELY POST.

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