30 December 2012

Mystical 2012

Hey guys!

Its my last post for this year! And just to even recollect this entire year right now gives me goosebumps.
Its been a roller-coaster ride for me, the good with the bad, the yin and the yang, the highs and the lows.

But if I have to talk about my Blogging Life, honey I was enjoying every minute of it,The best thing which could ever happen to me ever, which is blogging and creation of CandyVioleta. In all honesty I felt I have landed in this blog-o-sphere and met some amazing bloggers along the way.
I got more serious with my blog, and it paid off in some weird way! #blessed

Now onto the outfit post!

I wore this bright tangerine dress some days back, (note- I think why not say goodbye to this year by wearing the Color of the year - obviously - Tangerine)

Ohh my ghosh, I love love love pairing animal print leopard print with tangerine!
Such a pretty combination, and of course I need stockings to keep me warm and cozy!

Make-up - I have kept the make-up minimal with slightly plum lipstick and blue eye liner!
See the complete picture on my Facebook.

dress- veromoda (previously worn here )stockings- malaysia, shoes- only, belt- asos.com, clutch - accessorize, cuff - bandra.
Smile - borrowed from my friend! heeheh!

That was pretty much it!

{And a small note -
I am deeply disturbed and remorsed to hear about the Delhi Gang rape victims death, I didn't wish to comment on this topic but considering its New years celebrations tomorrow, I want you all to enjoy and yet stay safe. 
We all know Indian men mentality who will roaming on the streets drunk with no fear of being punished, 
Now its only upon you and not anybody else to take care of yourself.
If you think you are safe and nothing can ever happen to you and thinking about such heinous acts will only attract it towards you,I bet the Delhi Gang Rape victim didn't see it coming either.
How difficult will it be to make a pepper spray or better buy one (buy here) ???
How difficult will it be to be aware to the art of self defense???
Yes, I am speaking of rage because I have lost hope, faith.
I feel watched by the eyes of men (who could be non-violent) not in a safe,guarded way but an unreliable, demonic, creepy kind of way.
Please carry your self defense techniques with you tomorrow,
Hope you have a happy and a prosperous new year!
Please Share....}

C'est fini!

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26 December 2012

Gold Hemmed

Hello everybody,

I am so excited for this post today, I literally wanted to save up all the pictures taken and show it directly here, but couldn't resist and ended up posting it as preview on my Facebook.

Designing has always been my passion, I have always loved making jackets, skirts, dresses, headbands etc etc but I never tried designing an Indian ethnic wear, cause
A.) Its a whole lot of work.
B.) I wear all such clothes rarely.

But me being me, once I decide on something I definitely want to have it. And it wasn't easy I would say, I atleast had the basic knowledge of how a fabric would flow on ones body, but I was skeptical to buy yards and yards of the more expensive ones (which I wanted, fyi) since I was doing it for the first time.

But if you have time, or your interested then I have some very useful tips which I encountered and willing to share.

  1. Find your 'TAILOR', a good one, one who lives nearby, one who can take care of your materials (read- borders, fabric, patches, etc..). I have been blessed with the most amazing tailor, you can read about him here (a small mention) who gives me unbelievable fitting and takes my tantrums all along the way.
  2. Take INSPIRATION, google color combinations, design patterns.
  3. Don't just buy fabric and borders and hoard them. Take a stroll in the fabric shop, and see what they have, what kind of prices they are offering. I did the same thing, I visited numerous time to my fabric dealer, and also while selecting my accessories for the Anarkali, (borders , patches etc etc). And then further I had a solid vision of how my Anarkali would be designed. One of my friends, Dushala, who makes them time and time again, helped in a whole lot way, Thank you:). So probably if you have someone who makes or designs, asking them is going to help you in wonders!
  4. And lastly, Think! If its you who is going to wear it, then think, go to a store and see which type you liked, recollect it later on when you are buying the material~*~*

And now, I don't mind stitching another one, because all the efforts paid off and I am more than happy. Next time I shall go all out, I am thinking asymmetrical hemlines ;) ......Woot Woot!

C'est fini,

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20 December 2012

Party with Shop.inonit.in

Hello dolls,

All those of you, who are still searching the prefect New years outfit, your truly has collabed with Shop.inonit.in to find your perfect party deals, be it your Party outfit to creating a perfect party place  with Shop.inonit.in's amazing room decor items or gifting special treats to your near and dear ones.
Since it is Holiday time we all want some form of goodies right? (P.S. mine are burgundy shoes ;) #justsaying)

Bid aideau to this year and Tangerine Tango in style, wear this shocking tangerine cut out dress and stand tall and shine!

Need more oomph? Hold this sequined Bronze clutch on your side and grab eyeballs, way to go sistaaa!

Lets shift gears, enough of our unhealthy obsession with ourselves, we need the perfect gift to give to our loved ones.
Why not this Quirky Planner to bring out the ambitious 2013? (Well everything is rosy at the beginning, if you know what I mean? )

And if this is the case, A house party is what you are planning, Shop.inonit.in helps you here too,
It has a luxurious Home decor collection, something for everyone,

Throw a set of cushions like the ones below and  hang some of these Dangerously Dangling light holders, a perfect party place will definitely be on your way.

Hope I helped!
C'est fini
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16 December 2012

Off Colors.

Hey guys, how have you all been?
I cannot wait for Christmas, my holiday spirits are so high up, I enjoy being festive and cheery:-)

So my last outfit post made it very clear the love I have for shades and tones of White. This post again is of those sorts, white/beige with sequins-green-Pink!

This particular outfit was worn for a birthday lunch, hence I tried to keep it subtle and have one pop of color. I like how the pink box clutch grabs the attention and yet sticks to the trend.

I love the sequined-ness of this blouse, the collar is very chic and very appealing.
If you want to create something like this of your own then stick to any on these two blog posts I had done previously.
  1. DIY -Sequined Collar
  2. DIY- Glitter Collar


Veromoda top, Zara pants, Esbeda pink studded clutch, Only heels, Thrifted ring

C'est fini,

7 December 2012

Shopping with Efoxcity.com

Shopping now is in full swing, blame all the festivities, the sales, the hoopla and the extra disposable income we have!

Finding a good deal, a good priced item is such a necessity right now for me, I don't want to spend on items that cost a fortune but at the same time I want to keep it real with the quality.

Efoxcity.com is an online wholesaler fashion store which will have your eyes drooling on every piece you come across, I know cause it happened to me!

Efoxcity.com has huge collections of pretty winter wear and equally pretty cheap summer dresses too!
Love their formal evening dresses and they have huge discounts on these (upto 70%) so probably if you were looking for something dressy, flowy and spectacular then just click the above link.
Their men's collection is chic, yet again affordable and classy. I want my man to be dressed  in one of theirs :p
I love floor length gowns, I love how they flow on a woman's body, Efoxcity.com has a desirable collection of  cheap gowns under $100

Do check out this amazing online store!

And now my Lust List from Efoxcity.com

knit+studs+burgundy = heaven 

 I heart it!

 Guys you have to click the link below! I am drooling!

You know Mr.X its a fab zipper!
Stand Collar Zipper 

 Obviously Faux!

With leggings+a knitty loose cardigan+legwarmers+boots
a great transitional piece in your hand!

Spend your money wisely and Efoxcity.com only helps you to do so, so do check out this website and let me know what were your favorite pieces!

Find them on Facebook here - EFoxcity.com

C'est fini,

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4 December 2012

Traced back at time


I have been loving white for sometime now, it just captures the whole idea of purity, calmness, serenity, peace etc etc(majority of which, I need right now)
I have been loving multi-colored jewellery, (scored a beautiful choker neck-piece recently, ofcourse multi-colored!)
Also, I have been wanting to wear Jackets, cardigans, sweaters and now it is the perfect time!
This particular tweed number is so pretty and peppy! Just the right amount of sparkle makes everything look nice.

If you like this look then you can find such items easily available in stores, hoard on to pieces like this tweed jacket, It polishes the look and makes  it wearable as office wear too!


top & jeans- Zara, bag - esbeda, shoes - c/o Jabong, ring - Pune,
Tweed Jacket - Vero Moda.

Catch you next time on the blog,
C'est fini,

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2 December 2012

DIY - Glamify your Sunglasses

Hey Guys, Check out my new video over youtube !

Link - DIY:Glamify your Sunglasses.

And I know Christmas will be here anytime soon, so make sure you have your favorite dresses ready by now, if not then I have found a fantastic deal for you, on elegantly crafted dresses at Msdressy.com

They are having discounts upto 50% off,
Buy 1 - 30% off (P.S you will be spoiled for choices on this one)
Buy 2 - 40% off
and Buy 3 - 50% off.

All you have to do is register on Msdressy.com and the rest well I leave it upto you and your merry making!

C'est fini

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27 November 2012

A match made in heaven.

 Hey fellas!
So before I begin with my usual blabber, please answer -
Does RED+NAVY BLUE+BLACK+GOLD look good together? I am thinking of this color palette for my Anarkali (yes I am designing one) and I have a feeling its going to look a little too heavy but considering I can easily carry it off, assures me it doesn't.
I have sat hours and hours to design the silhouette, fabric, color, borders, work, tailor...ohh god!

Enjoy the pictures :)

top - vanheusen, pants - ucb, accessories, necklace - Kazo, arm cuff- diy, belt - diy, heels - zara.

Gold and Black are two of my favorite combinations as of now, I have donned them in the past too, but right now I have a whole new obsession going on!
Now this outfit,
 Outfits which requires and gives me an ample abundance to accessorize are my best options to go for at times when I have to run a few extra stops in a day.
I started off with the shirt and the pants with orange accents and flats for college,  switched to heels and  gold accessories for a meeting (note - a blazer should have been appropriate!)
My obsession for gold+black can be seen here and here too.
And just incase you want more,
just click on the above mentioned words!!!!!!!

C'est fini,

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25 November 2012

Ethnic Indian Wear.

Ethic Indian Wear!

  • What am I wearing? - Anarkali with Churidaar!
  • Occasion - Celebrating the festival of lights, Diwali!
  • Make-up - Definitely, yes,hands on Glam doll! (depends on the occasion)
  • Accessories - I stick to real metal jewellery (gold,gemstones,silver) but you could totally use Ethnic Imitation Jewellery, looks good too.
  • Nailpaint- Whichever color your outfit is, stick to Red nail paint, amazing.
  • How to carry the dupatta? - On one side, gracefully please ;)
  • Hair? - Let your locks fly with the air. Use a shine serum 

I have decided  to do a separate post for this dress, so be patient!

I love wearing Anarkalis they make feel lean, tall and feminine.
I have changed my make-up technique these days, I start my blush right from the lower lids where my cheek bones meet and then sweep it back to my temples, not only this gives a reflective glow but contours my face too.

C'est fini,

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12 November 2012

Pune Shopping Haul

Hey guys,
A while back, right after my exams, I had been to Pune for a mini vacation to relax and mainly because I wanted a change (a desperate one).
So while I was there I took the opportunity to go shopping  (obviously) and man! this city is so annoyingly confusing, if you are not a localite with no google maps you would probably land up someplace else then you were supposed to be. It took me ages to reach Pune's much talked Fashion street and FC road, one wrong left turn and you are on the outskirts in some village!

Moving on, I am so soo soooooooo happy cause I found stuff which I could have found in Mumbai too, but the prices were half of it and I bargained on top of it!

 I got this sequined dress for Rs.250/- and although it runs a size 'L', I actually didnt mind it, cause I knew this dress was a bargain and a great find!

 This amazing multi colored cocktail ring was a total steal for me, got this for only Rs.40/-, no wonder I kept lusting for more while returning home!
I have many chunky rings, but I never had a true colorful stone ring , hence I got this one.

 This leather belt priced at Rs.50/- was meant to be DIY'd but it started to grow on me and I have still kept it as it is.
Gold toned jewellery are such a rage this Fall, I previously had planned to hot-glue a gold chain on top of it.

 This knitted top is going to be my comfy cozy item during the chilly days! It is made up of those thermal fabric and the print is too gorgeous and looks so much like a Winter time necessity. Price - Rs.150/-

Ohh my gosh, this scarf was a fluke, I have started to love it even more now!
My style in Pune was layering scarves, and OMG the girls in Pune like to cover every inch of their body with scarves, *FYI *. So I picked up this scarf only looking at the burgundy color and thats it.
And when I went to my hotel and tried it on, Omg I lovvvvveeddd it! So pretty! Price - 120/-

So thats it from me, See you soon and Have a Happy and Safe Diwali!
C'est fini,


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