30 May 2013

Summer Striped Dress.

hey hey!

Summer means sun-kissed days and sultry nights. Finding a garment which works in this season thus, is essential.

I would like to introduce Shopimagine.com and its fabulous California Collection to you guys.
The entire line is summery-fun-filled and trendy (something which I always look in a shopping website)

This pretty White & Black Hi-Low Dress from Shopimagine.inis perfect for the hot summery days, throw it on as a tunic during the day and turn it into a Hi-low dress for the nights.
The super cool back with orange lining i.e the Hi-low hemline just makes this dress a great pick.

To add to the excitement, Shopimagine is offering all of my lovely followers a 30% discount.
Use the code – SISTYLST30G and avail a flat 30% on their total shopping amount.

Enjoy the pictures.

P.S. this is my entry for the IFB Project

dress - Shopimagine (striped out , another striped dress), heels - Ne&na, bangle - thrifted.

C'est fini

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15 May 2013

Trendy Clothes - Persunmall.com

Hey hey!

Every year, at the beginning of each season I face a challenge; buying clothes & accessories of the seasons latest trends (read : monochrome, neon, stripes for now) . This dilemma, fortunately, led me to pick out those pieces which are in style not only at the moment  but also, could be worn all year long.

I have collaborated with Persunmall.com, a global website online shopping store offering fashion-forward clothing , to pick out some fabulous pieces which are in season and also can be used differently for other seasons and occasions.  
For more info on Persun visit here - About them 
Simply a must have for me, it picks up the entire look to another level and also adds a glam-glam touch
This particular one is so trendy, uber stylish and can be used with monochrome or funky color. Do not hesitate to pair this bag with the 'color of the year' - Emerald Green top ;)

2.) Lace Dress:- 
It has become a girl code of some sorts to atleast own one pair of Lace Dress. Next time buy  a bold/bright/neon color and you will surely love it. 
TIP - Pair it with boots/leggings/blazer during Fall & Winter time.

3.) Blouse and Tops:-
a.) Monochrome - A black and/or white blouse has evolved to become a basic necessity for all ages.
b.) 2 in One - Try to find a top which has two trends simultaneously infused together. Like the second one, it has - Stripes & Florals. I also see so many tops in Peplum with lace fabric= good choice. We are trying to kill two birds with one stone, or not!
c.) Color-blocked/ Multi Colored Shirt - For those who are extra fun and like dressing up then such shirts are so chic. INSTEAD of carrying a contrasting handbag, wearing coloblocked shirt with blue jeans and pair of high heels is more fun. (please do not end up wearing a color blocked bag & the contrast shirt at the same time = FAIL!)
4.) Flats:-
I am a high heels girl, Once I enter into a shoe store (or an online website, in this case) I directly gravitate towards heels with four inches or more. But then, real life happens and a pair of flats are important
You can either pick these gorgeous riveted beauties which you can wear straight until they are worn out or a cute cat faced flats for those who like to experiment and be a little adventurous.

Do check out Persunmall.com for other exciting and trendy clothing-accessories. 

C'est fini,
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8 May 2013

Online Shopping for Sarees - Barcode91.com

It is such a tease and I like teasing.

Whoever said that, certainly was thinking of a long trail of cloth called ‘Saree’ or perhaps Katrina Kaif in her sizzling six yards of sheer grace. 

I was excited when BarCode91.com – an exclusive online shopping destination for Indian dresses, Jewelry and Accessories contacted me to do a post for them.
Indian traditional clothing is so much more than the zardosi factor, the recent Lakme Fashion Week held in Mumbai & Delhi advocated that. And for a girl like me, a simple black chiffon sari attached to pink & gold border with a pretty designer back, couldn't agree more!

Saree - c/o Barcode91.com, earrings - Accessorize, heels - Zara.

Why Shop at Barcode91?

  • Blouse Stitching
  • Exclusive Collection 
  • 30 Day Easy Returns
  • 70% Repeat buyers
  • Ready to Ship Styles
  • Free Shipping (India)
  • Free Shipping Worldwide (over $300)
  • Cash on Delivery (India)
  • 100% Secure Site

 1)Neon Green Georgette Saree  2) Beige Saree with velvet 3) Houndstooth black &white saree 4) Black Saree

The trendiest collection of Indian wear from Sarees online and Salwar Kameez, to Kurtis and Lehengas, It stores something for everyone, Like the neon green saree  (something which Priyanka Chopra wore in LFW’13), or something quirky like the houndstooth one which Sonam Kapoor  might or her fans will probably like.
You would be amazed to see their bridal collection; it stores the amazing-est creations with the most amazing brands under the house. Give Barcode91.com a look and I am sure you will have no doubts to make the next purchase there.

Fashionistas, Barcode91.com was kind enough to give all my followers a 11% discount on your purchase. So hurry. 
Use the coupon code – ‘GARGIbefore making the payment to avail the discount.

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4 May 2013

Summer Chic

Hey hey!
White and summer are complementary.. You give summer white it will vanish half of your problems- reflects heat- works the light breeeze-no sweat stains- and who doesnt want to look angelic and pretty?
Like how I look in these pictures-bleh- lol

clutch- esbeda, metro pink pointy shoes, necklace - bandra, dress- ginger, belt - asos.com, 
Fossil rosegold watch

My exams got over a dayback, and I am really looking forward for the next phase (I am a graduate now!) But since I missed out on so many sitcoms for the last two months I have been watching them continuously.

Ok, honest confessions, I have a hard time to come out of movies, like I am not kidding. The other day I watched Iron Man, and I just felt all of what Spark's character was saying, like it was intended for me, (I mean they showed the emotional side of him but I took it as, it was all for me). Like how crazy am I?

So, my friend forces me to watch movies, and onetime he asked me to watch Thor before watching Avengers, to understand the movie clearly and the superheroes too. OMFG, why did I watch it, I thought for 3 days that someone is up there with all the evil powers and the demi god is going to protect all of us.
And its not just with movies but also sitcoms - especially Supernatural. I remember asking my sister after watching a season that 'this is not true, right?' cause I don't know a writer is making up crazy shit where a child (a ghost) is roaming with a knife killing people and then eating the organs and killing that child is SOMEONE'S JOB or doesn't Leviathans, vessels, word of god, Purgatory sound fancy? I would want to hunt down ghosts and demons and later have an heart-to-heart with The Death. And I am not even going to begin with The Game of thrones. just ending it there.

I think its normal, right? I see my guy friends enacting an Avenger all the time or even when I look to my left, I see my Dad. Who thinks he is a James Bond, for legit (The man opens house doors as if there is an enemy on the other end with a gun in his hand).  So I can't be the only crazy one.:p

C'est fini,


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