25 February 2013

Spring picks from ClothingLoves.net

Online Shopping has become a craze these days, and why not when its secured, safe and trustworthy. Today I present Clothingloves.net

Clothingloves.net is a leading supplier of Wedding Dresses, wholesaleflower girl dresses , Women’s Clothing, wholesale fur jackets , Men’s clothing  and etc.
The global cheapest clothing mall has a wide range of clothes with daily new products added at unbelievable low prices.

I was browsing through their site and saw some really cute pieces. They are undoubtedly my spring picks for the moment. Have a look - 

This Gorgeous Leather Skirt , is my must have for Spring, its something every girl should own.

Mint Blue is so soothing, Its a pretty pastel color that will look very chic with other pastels and neons. These stackable bracelets are oh so pretty!
My heart dropped by a beat when I saw these. 

Chevron printed shirts are creating a huge hoopla. This shirt especially is so graphical in looking

Monochrome is having a huge comback in any fashionistas style journee. Instantly fell love in love with their silver elastic skirt 

 A fashion blogger (like myself) who is impartial to half things pastel can never leave out a pastel dress from any online shopping website. How cute is this Salmon pink dress, completely in love. 

Which were your favorite picks? 
Tell me by commenting in the comments section!

C'est fini

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22 February 2013

Makeup Review - Oriflame's Very Me Range

It's me after a long break from my blog everyday challenge! Now this is a  huge haul + review.

This haul is about Oriflame's Very Me Range, a very affordable, vibrant, Spring and Summer ready collection.
I had been to Oriflame's event, (the day Mayans had declared the End of the World) where they graciously gave us make-up goodies. And hence I decided to do a review for you guys!

Very ME Perfect skin glow -
Its a BB cream (only two shades )with very light coverage. Extremely light weight. Does not feel cakey at all. Has a whole load of shimmer so cant really use it during day. But works fine with a mattifying powder.
Price - Rs.298

shade - Light

Very ME no time for shine powder -
A very heavy mattifying formula. It conceals dark spots and imperfections (THUMBS UP). A good purchase for everyday compact.

shade - Matte Light 

Very Me cover up concealer -
By far the only stick concealer which I Love! You do need to use moisturizer first and then work with the foundation/concealer. Otherwise it looks patchy and flaky even when I don't have dry skin.  Works well in concealing dark circles, acne scars, spots. Definitely going to repurchase this!
Also it contains tea tree oil to calm blemishes and smooth skin (THUMBS UP)

shade - Perfect Light

Very ME envy eye shadow -
An eye shadow duo, averagely pigmented. A small tip if you are buying this - while applying this shadow, just pat the color, don't blend it in any motion, It will work just fine. With the other brands in its price range, it gives 100 times more better results.

shade - pretty green

Very ME double trouble -
Two in one pencil (kajal). Works supremely well when using over any shadows.
Love the pigmentation and also love the two in one concept. It has such vivid and bright colors (THUMBS UP)

shades - Goddess Green and Blue Lagoon 

Very ME Lipmania-
Literally does the job of a lip balm + color+ gloss. A sheer,  cream finish lipstick with tiny silver specs. The only downfall is, you need to touch up more often than you think.
Rs. 198

shade - Pink Smoothie 

Very ME cherry my cheeks -
A highly highly highly (yes, it is) pigmented blush in two universally accepted colors. You just need a little bit of it and you are good to go. Also easily blends in using fingers. There have been times where I directly stick the pot to my cheeks n blend it using my fingers. (THUMBS UP)

shade - pretty pink 

Very ME Fat Lash Mascara -
Its not just any Mascara, its a potion. Yess! A potion with one swipe will give you fuller, larger, spidery lashes (I love having such lashes) It can get a little lumpy, but I don't mind that at all. (THUMBS UP)

So overall I would give a 3.5/5 for the entire range. Some products worked for me while some didn't really do the trick. Its novelty factor has to be the price range, because it gives a whole lot more than the price you pay.

C'est fini,

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17 February 2013

Quick update!

Heyy guys!
Day 7 of my blog everyday challenge! And it also happens to be the last day of it!

I keep updating you guys from time to time. Here was my previous one - Saturday Talks

Many of you asked the reason for doing a Blog everyday challenge and the reason was I didn't enjoy blogging for the past few months (or any other activity which usually gives me joy) as much I did earlier, which came as a surprise cause my world revolves around planning outfit posts, diys, fashion tips etc!

I kept blogging, but didn't really enjoy it truly. And when something which used to give so much thrill earlier doesn't excite you anymore then you have to know that there is a problem.

Understanding it, taking action, taking control again is very important. Just because suddenly things don't excite you, doesn't mean you have to look for something new instantly.
And hence I started with this blog every day challenge to push myself and just challenge myself in continuing doing what has been nothing but a blessing.

This one week just made me realize that I enjoy blogging more than I could ever imagine! And a special thanks to all my pretty fashion blogger friends! You guys are the best!

Also my Mumbai university result (doing BMS) came in earlier this January and I scored 77% in fifth semester! (give me gift suggestions quickly as I am getting something from my Mom and Dad, woot woot)

Read my entire weeks vlog here -
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Finally, I have to conclude that, nothing is more rewarding then having friends, online partners, followers, readers, complete strangers, appreciate and compliment your work! Thank you!
Btw, I redid my blogs lay out here, its all about being a Violeta here!

C'est fini

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16 February 2013

When two off-colors meet.

Hey hey!
Day 6! And the weekend is finally here! 

So today I had been to another blogger's event for the HP Connected Music hosted by our fav Indiblogger at Otto Infinito (Loved the food in this Mediterranean Restaurant)

So the HP Connected Music is basically the world's music collection where you can listen to any genre of music (Including the latest US singles)  using your HP product with Windows 8 operating system without even going the 'pirate' route! Sounds cool? Just go through the website to know more!

Now for my outfit!
I love, noooo, loooovvveeee Maxi Skirts, if the world is ending and I had to pick five things from my entire wardrobe (Yes, there would be a strong steel ship, which will protect me, ) one of them would definitely be a maxi skirt. {Things I have to do, to show you guys my love for Maxi Skirts}

Another reason why I love this specific skirt, is cause many people are in the opinion that Black+Brown are a no-no. I don't understand, HOW/WHY? 
The minute I laid my eyes on this pastel brown piece I wanted it to be paired with my studded top!

Enjoy the pictures :)

 skirt - thrifted, top - globus, shoes - zara, belt - forever new .

C'est fini,

Btw, tomorrow is my last day of the challenge! (Blog everyday challenge)
I think I can totally manage doing this every month, what say guys???

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15 February 2013

Spring/Summer 2013

Hey hey!
Day 5! And I know many of you are wondering why I have taken up this challenge of blogging everyday this week, Yes I will answer all your questions, just not today....

Since Spring/Summer 2013 is already here in Mumbai, (the weather is 50degrees) I am about to show my top style trends which I am following as of now!

Trend no.1 - The Iconic Neon!
Nothing says va-va-voom then hot-hot Pink/Blue. I am loving this spring trend, and I have already started collecting statement pieces in neon shades!
I am lusting over this spiked threaded bracelet set from Forever21

Love this necklace from this post - Appropriation

 These neon pink shoes are craved now, more here - Peaches love

Need I even say more? DIY - Arm Candy

Trend no.2 - Pastel Love!
I love pastels, I find them genuine, soft, romantic, easy. If I would own a house now, it would all be done in pastel tints. Love it.
Lace dress in pastels from Asos *faints*

New pastel shirt, Read more here - Into Chevron

Trend no.3 - Minting it strong.
As all of you know by now, I have a thing for mint green, It may sound crazy, but I kind of feel that it is my color.... I created it...... And in my world Mint Green is called Powder Green (totally tripping). JUST SAYING!
Stripe shirt in mint from Forever21 is on my wishlist.

This dress, my first powder green purchase!

Mint green jeans, totally not bothered with the person on my right - Powder Green

Trend no.4 - All black/ All white, everything
My style has changed a little over, these past few months. I like clean, straight, easy, no nonsense kind of clothes. And thus Black+White happens to be my 'go to' color in my closet! Also my neon jewelry goes extremely well with it!
This white lace skater skirt from Topshop is so pretty

This is 'pure' to me - Infinitude 

This picture reminds me that I still have this top, ohh yeah!

Trend no.5 - Bohemian

Boho in a very tasteful way! Everything should collectively look pretty! Nooooooot the trippy/messy/wasted look. I like to call it Boho Chic..
Adorable in its own right, this white maxi dress from FreePeople looks an easy DIY.

My fav tribal printed skirts - Off Prints and Statements 

I hope you take notes from it, and also stay true too!
C'est fini,

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14 February 2013

Nothing but Bold!

Heyy,  heyy!
Day four of the challenge, ( I Love blogging, but for those who blog everyday- new found respect for them!)

FYI - Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Xoxox ;-) (feels corny :|)

Today was a fun-filled day, with things, which I love and do the best!

A.) have fun with my girlies
B.) Styling myself/others
C.) pose the heck out of my damn body!

So the day began with the usual, me waking up only to realize I am late, rushing with things to get them done....! Life I tell you.
Later in the afternoon I had a Photoshoot to attend, where I was working fiercely the A,B&C's

All the dresses/accessories except shoes are from Creo Lifestyle Store. Do check out their page!

So these are the images which I clicked from my phone! And hence I think I will do a separate post with the high resolution ones.

Enjoy the pictures :)

 Its a sequined collared dress!

Ohh my ghosh, I loved the Black and white peplum dress, I picked it the first instance I saw!
Totally drooling over it!
Also did you like the statement pieces aka Jewelry?????
Well if you didn't, either you are a guy or you just don't understand jewelry!

C'est fini,

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13 February 2013


Day three of the challenge, and today I have a DIY (Do it yourself) for you!
I had asked earlier on my facebook page whether you would like my D.I.Y version of the famous arm candy bracelets /arm candy jewelry  / womens wrist jewelry   and so many of you replied an Yes! So here we go..... This one is specially for the ones who commented 'Yes' and ofcourse for all of my readers/followers too (but more for them).


Lets begin with this Easy DIY of stackable bracelets.

What you need :-
1. Chains.
2. Ribbons, (the length for the above two depends upon your wrist size)
3. Pliers, scissors.

Steps -
1.)Measure your wrist and add few cms extra to that length.
2.)Measure that length onto your chain, (Chains are easily found nowadays at any metal hardware store or your jewelry/craft store) and cut it with the help of pliers or hardware scissors.
3.)Now the fun part, pick ribbons of your choice, be creative, think bright!
And simply just go back and forth through each chain link, alternating the direction each time.
4.)Loop the ribbon on each side of the chain.
5.)Finish off by making a knot (tie it tightly, thrice) using both ends, trim the excess. (The extra length we added will help us to wear and remove the arm candy easily)
6.)More importantly, slightly run the ends through heat so that they dont fray!

And voila you are done!  Refer to the images below

 Looping is an important step, we are basically tying the ribbon on to the chain link.
Once you reach the end, insert the ribbon on the same link creating a loop and then finally put that end into that loop we created (refer image above). Fasten it tightly.

 All you now have to do is, tie a knot to join the two ends together!

I like them in bunch (stackable bracelets ..... duh that's why it is called an Arm Candy) in different colors!
Also, I have named my DIY arm candy as - 'Psy Swag' . The neon colors just make it sound appropriate (this  reminds me, read my yesterdays post Appropriation?)

Also, read my Valentines Day post here.

C'est fini.

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12 February 2013


Hey guys,
Its Tuesday (atleast here in Mumbai) , day two of the challenge, and I am all set, I am set all the more with a blogpost for the next two days! That is quite an achievement right????

So today is again an outfit post, I have for you guys.
Today was another day at college, and wore formal clothes again ... pretty formal blouse -cobalt blue with neon hints and of-course high heels!
I have a confession to make, these heels kill (NO) murder my feet, especially my toes, but you gotta do what you have to do (totally snatched this from the previous season of Dexter)

Ohhh btw, it's Valentine Day in a few days, and I was once a lame person who liked this day (Just not feeling 'the' day of love this year) to do a post on How to dress and also make up for this day. So do check it out, Its Valentine's Day

Enjoy the pictures,

Top- zara, necklace - Bandra, pants - kraus, blazer - Malaysia, shoes - Zara.

Now that its end of day two, I am probably going to catch with my friend (probably I would be done catching up with him when this gets published) have my dinner and then followed by two of my family favorites (we just love watching) on television - Grey's Anatomy and Homeland

C'est fini!

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