27 June 2012

DIY Belle Noel Hair Chains

Hello My Beautiful Readers!
Today''s post is a bit different. I have indulged in a bit of editing, movie making & directing.

So today's DIY post is on the latest, trendiest and hottest accessory of the season - Belle Noel Hair Chains!
After reading an article on Hair Accessory Trends via In-FB, I was inspired to re-create something on similar lines and this is what I got.
I thought it would be simpler for me as well as you guys to demonstrate on a video instead of doing a blogpost.
NOTE - I am not committing to Youtube any time sooner, so if you happen to see only a single video of mine then you know the answer.

About styling, I like this particular accessory only on straight hair, because the layers can be seen more prominently as opposed to curly or wavy hair.

Watch the video here - Diy Belle Noel Hair Chains

Hope you like it!
C'est fini


  1. Wow...this is really cool and very simple DIY....It looks awesum on your straight hair!! Will be trying it out for sure!:)



  2. Already told you how much I loved the video on FB. :) you are adorable. Your smile is so cuteeee. And I am so trying the DIY. :D

  3. I love it! So simple, so pretty & you're my very cute, love! You have like, the prettiest hair :)

  4. ur so cute! :D
    lovely diy! great post!!
    n p.s jus lemme know d song as well hehe :P

  5. Believe me Gargi...You look so cute that I skipped looking at what you are doing. I had to replay the video to see your DIY. Great one...Must try :)

    Check out new outfit post...
    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  6. hey saw the video! damn good!
    great blog!
    btw we met at the stayfree indiblogger meet if you remember :)

  7. i love this kind of hair accessory..

  8. Couldn't hear the audio as there's some problem in my Youtube Player!! :(
    But girl Kudos first of all for making a video! And you look sooo cutee in itt!! <3

  9. Great Idea ,love the Looks with the Hair Chains :)
    i´m a new Follower

    Lovely Greetings from Austria ♡

  10. OMG!! I love your blog!! I follow you now with GFC and bloglovin If you want follow me back! It would mean so much for me! I wait for you in my blog!


  11. great video and lovely chain! If you like we can follow each other and exchange some advice! I love to relate with other bloggers! It helps me improve! :) kisses!
    My Daily Style

  12. This is so simple Gargi! Love!

  13. Such a great video ! Thank you so much for sharing

    Love Storm

  14. Omg the final effect is so cool

  15. that's nice =) well done ^^

    thanks for your comment on my blog =)
    wanna follow each other? =)

    hope we keep in touch ^^

  16. Great!
    nice blog! I've started following you on GFC and Bloglovin!
    like to follow back? I hope so! we could stay in contact!!
    kisses pretty!

  17. Dear Gargi,
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