8 June 2012

How to : Peplum

Peplum is such a strong spring/summer trend, it literally lets your clothes do the talking & gets the conversation going.(tip - you could wear peplum clothes to stand out and grab attention).
The reason why it creates such a high intensity effect is probably because everyone finds this flirty layer unique. It would be such a shame that I do not feature how to create peplum over my blog. So lets started.

Before we begin, Let understand why peplum?
Peplum creates an exaggerated look for your hips as it emphasis on that area predominantly (It also accentuates your waist line). So body types which are an apple shape, hourglass shape & heavy tops need not worry much about this trend as they can carry peplum  really easily.
But, a pear shape should dwell more thoughts before wearing this trend. Since peplum exaggerates your hips, a pear shape would look completely off balance & 'FAT' to begin with. The next best thing a pear shape can do is to exaggerate the top half by concentrating on shoulders (You could do power shoulders, boat neck & straps at the beginning of your shoulder) . By doing so a pear shape will eventually regain its balance.

Things you will need

  1. A belt
  2. any top, jacket, kaftan, empire shaped top.

top - ucb, shrug-forever new, accessories - accessorize, belt - lifestyle, pants - van heusen.

  1. Wear a piece of clothing (top)similar to mine. Heavy fabrics show the flare more prominently but silkier fabrics tend to have a nice waterfall like pleats which look pretty.
  2. Guys belt is a girls bestfriend! You know how many DIY's I have done using a belt alone? 
  3. Suck, yes! breathe in and suck up your belt to every lowest, possible-st inch and fix the goddamn thing (I tried thinking what exactly that thing the hook is called but never mind)
  4. And voila, you are spot on peplum-ing~
  5. Happy Trending!

NOTE - I know the  first image doesn't seem different even without the belt. This is because I wore this outfit to an event for over 6 hours and the shrug refused to budge those crease lines (eh you, after a wash it is over and out, don't panic). Incase you din't realize I took the pictures after the event, fyi.

NOTE 2- This lace-y shrug is such a great transitional piece. I will be pairing it with a cropped blazer during Mumbai winters.

I hope it helped! and obviously if you have any doubts or questions then do let me know through the comment section below or email or facebook page. 
My other peplum outfits, here & here.

This is a relatively new series wherein I will be showing season's latest trends which can be found in your closet
C'est fini


  1. Oohh, I love the idea. :) You look fab in it actually :) Also, the top is simple but amazing. :)

    This new series is going to rock I am sure.


  2. Belt looks really nice on this blouse :)

  3. Really creative!! :)

    Thank you for such a lovely comment on my previous post :)


  4. Sorry for late response sweety , was stucked with my assignment ! Thanks for stopping by (: Mind following each other via Gfc and blog loving ? I'd love to .

  5. I've always loved the peplum trend, but never knew how to wear it..thanks for the post!! Very inspiring! (: Great blog by the way (:

    Win a chance to get a $15 gift card! details on my blog! (:

    Cindy C.

  6. This is lovely hon!
    great trend and you have done it the best way..awesome :)

  7. re: Thank you for such a lovely comment on my previous post :)

    Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Similar Difference


  8. re: Thank you for such a lovely comment on my previous post :)

    Maybe you have time to read my New Post- Similar Difference


  9. Wow Gargi.. What an innovative post!! I Loved it!! <3
    I have recently bought a tangerine peplum dress, just am not able to get time to wear it and have pictures clicked for my blog!! :(
    But you have totally rocked the look !


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