5 June 2012

Powder Green.

                                  Hello the month of JUNE, woot woot, I already did my first post of this month but god knows why I feel like addressing it clearly today.
 ATTENTION - Don't spend a dime this month, start saving as the Sale Season will be here soon. 
Moving on, I am in love with delicate love-esque accessories, things with hearts, Love/Peace/Forever symbols. They do make you feel dainty and special. I would definitely include them in my favorite list for the month of May.

Enjoy the pictures. 

The accessorize salesperson found me totally weird when I picked up the "L" necklace. Now how to explain L stands for L-O-V-E and not my names initial!

top-chemistry, pants & shoes-zara, statement necklace & bag- esbeda, dainty accessories- accessorize, 

Good Food grabs my attention.


These minty green jeans are my latest obsession, I love these. I have worn it like 1000 times since my purchase. Surprisingly I don't call this color a mint, I call it a "powder green". Back in August'11 I had done a post on my wishlist items and I wanted this color so bad and it wasn't available anywhere, not even on Asos (you know when you have nothing but yet you don't lose hope because you always have a back-up)
And Come Dec'11, and all the stores are filled with this color, you know how happy I would have been? I have powder green everything now, full bellies!

On a different note, these pictures were taken at an event I went recently. I met such sweet bloggers, they are really good so do check out their blogs, AmenaIlaRitcha.

What was your favorite item in MAY? Do let me know in the comment section below.
Until next time
C'est fini,


  1. Really nice pictures, I love the pants you were wearing. The color is beautiful! You have a great blog! x

  2. love ur pants and heels <3
    u look beautiful :)


  3. love those pants....i have got exact ones from zara too!!!

    you have combined it so well with the blue top..i got a blue top in exact similar color but wasnt sure how it would look along with this pair of jeans....now i know :P


  4. Discovered your blog through the InFB remix, and I am loving it. Great sense of style, a clear voice, and loads of tips on styling! Adore:)

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  5. you look so adorable in all the pictures...love your handbag and those sexy heels!!


  6. You look fab. I like your pants color.
    Following you now, hope you follow back <3
    X, Ancia
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    join my Facebook Fanpage

  7. I really love your bag ♥

  8. Your my little angel in stilettos. This truly was an amazing event. I am so happy I got a to met you not once but twice. Let catch up soon.
    Fashionopolis By Amena
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