7 August 2011


Hello der!
I am in such peppy fun mood, {inspite of zillion bad things happening around me}
so first of all let me wish you a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIPS DAY!!! those of you who dont know its something which is celebrated evry  year , the first sunday of this month....
IN school we used to tie satin ribbons on each others wrist and thn later the trend was to write messages on every inch of your body including your clothes...
over the years I completely stopped following this DAY,and  exchanging messages over cell phones, FB, n etc was it!!
So today I was completely shocked, suprised, astonished {cant explain you what I felt} when the young generation [wait im young tooooooo] correction : the super- young- generation rang my door bell to tie me those glossy ribbon bands
<3 <3 <3
I was so happy to be in that spot, awwwww. Its almost been 3 years I dint celebrate it, the friendship day which happened 3 years back was the most memorable one.....
hahahhahhahaha.im sure if my friends read it, they'll know what i am talking about!!!!!!

anywhich way have a happy FRIENDSHIPS DAY, and stay true!
c'est fini!!!
I wish I had clicked a picture with em.....

hahhahahahah, the one which I was talking about.........
crazy names!!!!!

do you have any memorable friendships day??????
gimme me a sneak peak  of it, would love to hear them!!!!

c'est fini!!!


  1. i cant believe u still have this :D
    good times !! :)

  2. That cake looks absolutely delicious!!! :) Happy Friensdhips Day to you too, :)
    - Aditi


  3. :D!!!!
    It was yummmmmyyy... choco swiss marble,
    same to you!


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