4 August 2011

Show Me your Nails!!

Hello der!
I am Gargi and I am a nail-paint-holic!
i love nail paints and i think it adds an extra zinc to your outfit....
over the month of june and july i have been wearing pastels/brights/metallics........n been showing em off out n about!
that reminds me do you have the habit of scratchin the paint of ur nails....cos i do!....n its not cos of stress. the thing is i  rarely get stressed {only dose mini attacks when i think i lost mi phone!}. its like i stop reacting in stressful situations!!!!!

here are some pics n some i dint have, n sorry for the bad picture quality because all pics r randomly clicked--

gold! i dint have a pic but its d exact color.

hottest color of this season : CORAL

pastel pink
hot pink

disclaimer: dis aint my pic!

here are some which are in my collection and been wanting em to try




wot color do you have??
i hope you liked it.
c'est fini!!


Hiiii! Thank You for Commenting, Your views are truly appreciated.

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