19 August 2011

Pleasure me Red...

........those of you who are beauty/make-up addicted would probably know what my title says....
So lately i have been obsessing to buy a red/hot pink lipstick and hence i read reviews online......it was either going to be Macs Russian Red or Maybellines Fatal Red , but either of them were not in stock {annoyed at this moment}so i had to settle with Maybellines Pleasure me Red!
First of all i liked the color-pigmented-sultry-moisturizing. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW GUYS!
Now, this is a quick post on fall make-up and clothing.............I am so ready for airy/dry winters {ohh btw, i live in Mumbai, the winters here are not that cold  -YOU-SEE-GLOBAL WARMING -}

I hope you guys like it, and this outfit is inspired by Olivia Palermo, such a fab!

P.S dont open your mouth wide, ull look scary with a bold lip


C'est fini!!!!!!
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