6 August 2011

Give me SunShine

Hello guys,
Today is one of those days wherein it sucks all the energy from you... actually its not because of the day, my internal exams are going to begin soon and i am so not interested in studying :(  All i have been thinking are new ideas for my blog posts....

Apart frm that, today i had an appointment with the Doctor, and i wanted to dress it up but not too much.....
So i wore a flowy olive green plaid top and black leggings!
I added a bit pop of color with yellow chappals {sandals} and umbrella!
ohhhh i side pinned my hair with a floral clip made by me

  • top - ucb
  • sling bag - paprika
  • flats - bought it online, Carlton London
  • leggings - random shop in lokhandwala. 
  • hair pin - I made.
Hopefully you all liked it
c'est fini!!


  1. thanks for entering my giveaway !!!
    your outfit is sooo summery !! : ) love d umbrella d most :D

  2. :D!!
    any time.
    thank you so much for that, ohh i lov d umbrella too...its yellow (my second fav color) :p

  3. i really like this outfit!!! cool blog can you check mine out? www.pinksugarboutique.blogspot.com

  4. so cute...love the umbrella!!!


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