25 August 2011

take good care of my wishlist. :p

we all wish something, some wishes are through inspirations , some are made, some are faked and some are smiled upon.
I am a picky shopper (is that the right word??), i like to choose the best available item at the best price with darl' accessories. I hate distractions on my way, like people/friends, when I have a time restriction, otherwise its so much fun!!!  And once i hit the mall, ill start whirlpooling the place then grab a quick meal and think over all the items I found pretty ......and tht takes so much of my timeeeeeee! and why? cause i am a picky shopper :p!!!:p

Here are some items on my wishlist,

backless blazers, such a FAB!

Victorian neck-piece, now i don have many BLACK TIE events to go to, but it doesn hurt to stock it in your jewellery ~

tulle skirts 
wouldnt the skirts look fab with a leopard print belt and turquoise top??? 

this here is a crazy obsession for animal print blazers, but i prefer crazy shoulder pads! you???

this color is so rare to find, powder green blouses are the most rarely seen items,
i googled it too...but alas cant find it.
btw, if you add a wee bit of white to this blouse color....there you have it POWDER GREEN
I WAN IT BAD! it will suit my skin color so well

sunglasses ring, can anybody help me find these????

and finally, gold shoes..
now when i say gold, i mean metallic gold....

this being the end, ill talk to you in my next post
c'est fini


  1. WOW !!! Loved alll of them !!! especially the skirt and d blouse !!

  2. love the backless blazer with the ruched sleeves!


  3. Oh My Crunkies! Those clothes are sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!


  4. I love those skirts!! So great inspirative post!


  5. The backless blazer would be AWESOME!!! Also love the powder green top!

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  7. thank you girls!!!!
    i trly appreciate each and every ones comments!!


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