2 December 2011

The Lost Doll.

Hello world!!

I am currently working on  my blog posts, I am * trying* to figure out other cool things to blog about, rather than just doing outfit posts, so I may have days allotted to a specific type of posts in a week, (now, let's pray that I stick to it.)
Today I am going to blog on things that I love to eat  do, its pretty much about what I have been doing for the past month and hoping to do in this month!
The ying and The yang :- I have noticed that girls/guys (especially 16-21 yr olds) don't really think about their likes and dislikes,(including me), we have so much going for us that sometimes we fail to read our minds, and make a radical decision about it.
A person can be so superficial, she/he portrays a set of principles, which makes you think oh-you-perfect-lil-darl! But in reality its a show, to make everyone happy! (take it as an example, silly!)

This is my way of letting everyone realize what really goes into your minds, take a minute out and analyze what things you like, dislike,hate and more importantly Love.

1.) Swings!!! I love them,I am a frantic kid for people who are with me when I see a swing!

2.) Sequins, Although its a recent obsession, but I cant stay away from them!! This Holiday season, imma going to glitter!
via - different designer online stores

3.) I am a food hoarder! almost everything about food excites me.... cupcakes, subways and cheesecakes are topping my list!!
God, don't make me FAT! AMEN!

4.) Dance! this is one of my oldest dance wallpapers, I don't remember actually, but anyways, its totally my style!

until next time!
C'est fini!!!!

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