29 November 2011

All things Shiny!

Hello Dolls,
Currently I am obsessed with sequins, glitters,and everything shiny. I cannot live without a sequined something something anymore! I have been diseased with gleamy circular disks all day and night.
And thus I have decided a SEQUINED-BLAZER  is a must have!! Lord, help me with that!

On a shiny note, I am in love-love-love-love x 1000000000000 times(not enough) with this dress. Do check it out, and you'll know what I mean.

Finally This post is actually my first ever nail tutorial , and yes I included "them glitters" here too. I am excited!!!

You will need the following colors:-

  1. deep matte purple
  2. street wear berry spark
  3. china glaze platinum silver
  4. lakme color no.052

*Breathes heavily* isn't the picture down here amazing, the nails, the gold clutch (yaayyyy, its a score. its a gift!!), the bronze sequined ring!!!!

Untill next time!
C'est fini!!!


  1. m loving your sequined clutch so much and the ring is a great way to add little glittery effect to any outfit!


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