16 December 2011

Plunged into me..!..

Hello lovely readers!
                               Printed stars are really big this season. After seeing the Dolce and Gabbana Star print collection I wanted something for myself! And when I saw this dress, I fell for it, swiped my card, and wohhoooooooo it belonged to me.
                               Some of the items have already been showcased, you can see them here and here!

dress,stockings - Zara, earrings - kazo, heels - only, bag - gifted, ring - asos.

 My dress has acted as a buffer and collected all of those falling stars,read title. The burgundy stockings do their rightful job, brightening the black dress! I have failed to show two things in this look, the gold zipper at the back of the dress (hence the gold accessories) and satin bow attached at the heel of the shoe. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my outfit! This reminds me I have many outfit posts coming this next week, stay tuned!

Until next time
C'est fini!!



  1. loved ur earrings nd d shoes !! visit my blog to read the latest post-


  2. love the look! and can't wait to wear my dress!

  3. The bling of red and golden looks amazing! Perfect of the festive season!

  4. @ nikita- thnk you hon,the red stockings are actually burgundy! BAD lighting!

  5. Your bag actually glitters in the post!! I have some love for stars too, no wait, a lot of love for them!:D

    Circular Insanity

  6. @ emm- thats good right?
    yaaayy, hi5!

  7. WOw......
    We are going to share some short status for whatsapp
    Thank you !!!!!


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