28 December 2011

Online Junkie

Hello Dolls!
I hope you are enjoying this holiday season! Greetings for a commercial  Christmas and New Year's! The term "Holidays" have a new meaning to me since these past two years, I get to meet my bestessttttt friend ever and have loads of laughter,fun,joy and love. Love you Z!  
I certainly am enjoying my holidays after hectic, eventful but fun weeks of College Festival! I am not really a college person, I hate getting up and attending lectures, but at times like these, you know it's going to be fun.
             I wore this outfit for one of the "days" (if you know what I mean) (for those who don't,-in a collg fest you have a certain dress code for the entire festival week, eg:- traditional day, hat day). A loose fitting blouse with faux leather leggings with lace trimmings at knee caps accessorized with tan shoulder bag and high heels!

Accidentally this outfit is actually a great example if your celebrating New Year's at home, something comfortable yet chic!!

 moving on, I have become an online shopping addict! There were times when I loved going to the malls/ thrift stores, boutiques, (i still do, but nothing beats shopping in comfort at your own home). This outfit is one such example, all of the items are brought online and fit me perfectly. :D

Look Breakdown:-
Blouse - Aadro (fashion and you.com)
Leggings - Mystique (99labels.com)
Bag - Forever new (99labels.com)
On my nails - (Nyx Carnival)(stylecraze.com)

See you in my next post
C'est fini


  1. How did youstart shopping online? werent you scared? :O

  2. you look sexy... loved ur nailpaint !! : )

  3. love your nails and shoes..your hair is super pretty too!!!thanks for visiting my blog btw. I am now following you via GFC and will surely be back to explore your blog once I have some time!!happy new year!!

  4. The Simple Cheapest and the best place to shop has to be flipkart, their flipkart coupons are really great, they deliver on time(within 3 days)

    but have to say 99label and fashion and you are great for Fashionable and high end products

  5. nice article...



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