8 December 2011

Essential Items!

Hello Ladies!
As the title suggests, we will be dealing with Essential Items in a Women's Wardrobe! OK,I get it, you would probably hear Tim Gunn more than me, but believe me when I say, every country's essential items are different!
I live in India (Mumbai) and  here is a list of my essential items!

  1. Party Dress, no wardrobe would be complete without a party dress, be it any style.
  2. Black skinny Trousers/Jeggings, these ones make you look great and you can always dress them up or down.
  3. Shoes, I have a soft spot when it comes to shoes, I just can't pick one!
  • Sport Shoes, Black high heeled pumps(the higher the better!*winks*), Glitter flats,Water proof flats.
     4.  Hot pink/Red nail paint, we all know colored nails are a must.
     5.  Blazer, it not only looks chic but is a savior in those forgotten beauty appointments.
     6.  High waisted Skirts, flatters all body types.
     7.  Mascara and Lip Gloss, I am one of those girls who loves mesmerizing, beautiful eyes.
     8.  Tissue/ Hand Sanitizer is a must, throw them in your bags before heading out.
     9.  Perfume, do I need to say something???
   10.  Statement Jewellery, be it rings, bangles, necklace.
   11.  Bag full of Unused/Illfitting/Old Clothes, we all get rid of clothes that we no longer use to create an              
           extra closet space, but don't throw them away just yet. Keep it with you and some day you might 
           wear them using your creative heads. My friends and I cut our jeans and wear them as shorts all the 
  12.  Blouses, a blouse is something which gives a feminine touch, I would have said a White Shirt but I no 
         longer believe a white button down shirt is important, something chiffon,silk,georgette looks elegant.
  13.  Bags, the last essential item and one of the important ones. Make sure you have different sizes in bags, 
         smaller sling bags are a must!

So, these were all of my essential items!! I will see you on weekends through my next post. This reminded me, I love weekend breakfasts (I don't really do breakfasts, I drink protein shake and I'm good to go). I made Waffles with honey and chocolate sauce last Sunday, Yummmmm!!!!!

Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! (again)

See you next time
C'est fini!


  1. yummy, those waffles look amazing :)
    kisses from Spain,

  2. @sugar lane, it tasted amazing tooo!
    thank you love:)


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