9 November 2011

Hello lovely Readers!!!
I had been M.I.A for a long while here on blogger, figuring out things for my blog and working on inspirations for my blog posts.
On a relaxed note I did change my layout, chose for 'ALL BLACK' colors. My mind is to worked up on having an all colorful blog, wanted something dark this Fall season. Good thing about the color Black is that my pictures will show up brighter!!

Anyways, i might add few changes to the already changed layout and starting tomorrow I will be posting much frequently, Promised :x!

Also I would like to wish you all Happy Diwali (a little late), Halloween, Eid, Children's Day :p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So Sorry for the late wishes!!!

For all those of you who would like to stay connected can visit my Facebook page, I post daily with new inspirational images, designer lusts, my obsessions, OOTD'S! Would be happy to see you there!!!

Until next time!!!
c'est fini!!!!

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