20 November 2011

Its Complicated

Hello readers,
How have you been holding up???
I have been psyched with the 'blazer hunt' for so long, that I have lost interest in purchasing it.
*Sighs*  anyways moving on, I am two kgs lighter, does this matter??? Lemme guess? - HELL YEAH, in two ways:-
A.) Size S does not fit me, (yaayyyy me!)
B.) Barfs!, blazers don't come in 'XS', (dammit!) *read title*

Anywhich way, Mustard and Burgundy are ruling my wardrobe, perfect wardrobe essentials for Fall!
So when i saw this Tank top, i skipped, hopped and jumped! Mustard+Lace is a win-win!

jeans- Zara, bag- Paprika, top- Only, ring- Asos, cropped jacket - And, shoes - local boutique

Untill next time,
C'est fini!!!!


  1. love the whole look, specially the colorful top!
    kisses from Spain,

  2. aaa I like your outfit, you look so cute :)!

  3. Nice blog:) love ur top:)

  4. @ nikita, sugar lane, anamarija and vivalahighstreet, thank you so much!!!!!!!

  5. hi dear!
    first time i visit ur blog, can u believe it? after such a long time on stylepile!
    followin u ;)
    drop by mine and follow me if u like it,
    kisses from Spain,


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