20 December 2012

Party with Shop.inonit.in

Hello dolls,

All those of you, who are still searching the prefect New years outfit, your truly has collabed with Shop.inonit.in to find your perfect party deals, be it your Party outfit to creating a perfect party place  with Shop.inonit.in's amazing room decor items or gifting special treats to your near and dear ones.
Since it is Holiday time we all want some form of goodies right? (P.S. mine are burgundy shoes ;) #justsaying)

Bid aideau to this year and Tangerine Tango in style, wear this shocking tangerine cut out dress and stand tall and shine!

Need more oomph? Hold this sequined Bronze clutch on your side and grab eyeballs, way to go sistaaa!

Lets shift gears, enough of our unhealthy obsession with ourselves, we need the perfect gift to give to our loved ones.
Why not this Quirky Planner to bring out the ambitious 2013? (Well everything is rosy at the beginning, if you know what I mean? )

And if this is the case, A house party is what you are planning, Shop.inonit.in helps you here too,
It has a luxurious Home decor collection, something for everyone,

Throw a set of cushions like the ones below and  hang some of these Dangerously Dangling light holders, a perfect party place will definitely be on your way.

Hope I helped!
C'est fini
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  1. love the things you have picked..i find shop in on it slightly more expensive than other e-sites though they have great stuff..



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