26 December 2012

Gold Hemmed

Hello everybody,

I am so excited for this post today, I literally wanted to save up all the pictures taken and show it directly here, but couldn't resist and ended up posting it as preview on my Facebook.

Designing has always been my passion, I have always loved making jackets, skirts, dresses, headbands etc etc but I never tried designing an Indian ethnic wear, cause
A.) Its a whole lot of work.
B.) I wear all such clothes rarely.

But me being me, once I decide on something I definitely want to have it. And it wasn't easy I would say, I atleast had the basic knowledge of how a fabric would flow on ones body, but I was skeptical to buy yards and yards of the more expensive ones (which I wanted, fyi) since I was doing it for the first time.

But if you have time, or your interested then I have some very useful tips which I encountered and willing to share.

  1. Find your 'TAILOR', a good one, one who lives nearby, one who can take care of your materials (read- borders, fabric, patches, etc..). I have been blessed with the most amazing tailor, you can read about him here (a small mention) who gives me unbelievable fitting and takes my tantrums all along the way.
  2. Take INSPIRATION, google color combinations, design patterns.
  3. Don't just buy fabric and borders and hoard them. Take a stroll in the fabric shop, and see what they have, what kind of prices they are offering. I did the same thing, I visited numerous time to my fabric dealer, and also while selecting my accessories for the Anarkali, (borders , patches etc etc). And then further I had a solid vision of how my Anarkali would be designed. One of my friends, Dushala, who makes them time and time again, helped in a whole lot way, Thank you:). So probably if you have someone who makes or designs, asking them is going to help you in wonders!
  4. And lastly, Think! If its you who is going to wear it, then think, go to a store and see which type you liked, recollect it later on when you are buying the material~*~*

And now, I don't mind stitching another one, because all the efforts paid off and I am more than happy. Next time I shall go all out, I am thinking asymmetrical hemlines ;) ......Woot Woot!

C'est fini,

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  1. Well done gargi...looks awesome..can't wait fr ur asym hem one....happy new yr...love n luck lookingoodfeelingfab.blogspot.in

  2. woahhh!!! loved it! u have done a grt job here.

  3. The anarkali is so pretty! The colour combination, the borders..you've chosen them so well!

  4. awesome..u r a gr8 designer..must say

  5. Wow! The suit looks gorgeous!!!

  6. Awesome, the color combi is great !!

  7. Great drees! Nice look! I like it so much!



  8. bless me timbers!!!i love what you have done!!!i was eagerly waiting to see the finished product..this has blown me away!!love it!

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