3 January 2012

Beat Generation.

Hello dolls! Happy 2012 once again!
Loving the surprisingly chilly weather its become these past few weeks. Remember the college festival I talked about in this post, well I wore this outfit on the last day of it. It was Christmas that day.
I'm running a little late in uploading blog posts, sorry!

Anyways, I wore a festive shimmery green cropped top, with ink blue pants. I love this top, it is the prettiest thing i own, I love x 10000000 the color, the glittery thread work/detailing  and the fit. Moving on, I love, absolutely love, hipster attitude. Especially the way they dress, Loose fitting boho clothes with messy hair, hippie headbands, psychedelic colors,
Since the top was loose, fun, I added a hippie headband... SORTED, lets see the pictures!

ohhhhh I wore my dorothy perkins leopard printed flats and my usual sling bag which you must have seen so many times.

top &pants -zara, bag- paprika, flats - dorothy perkins, hippie headband - accessorize, neckpiece - shopperstop.

Untill next time!
C'est fini


  1. I love your top and the hippie headband! I want to try it too!

  2. Hey happy new year:) well, you look adorable in that green top!
    Thankyou, for stoping by my blog! Your feedback was much appreciated:)

  3. @ sayantani saha - u shud try, its fun to stand out!

  4. @nikita - thnks love! im glad its appreciated

  5. Hippie styles are the awesomest,in my opinion! :) They are so trendy..the lethargy ,the cool attitude it potrays!Just LOVE it! :)People always termed my kinda style "hippie"!And they used to give me those "looks".How I enjoyed that .Not many can naturally carry the look! :)You've got that semi-hippie look!Super cute,I say! :)

    I love your hippie head band.It reminds me of Zeenat Aman's Aap Jaise Koi Nahin! ;)
    Go ahead,pursue your glittering *fashion designing* dreams! :)


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