4 January 2012

Only skinny can feel 'the' cold.

.............. I love winters, especially the lazy mornings- an unparalleled power pulling you back in the bed, dew drops, early misty fog, winter colors, shivery bear hugs, dreamy sunlight.....you, yes you, can't ignore the cozy-comfy woolen feeling.
So what would I be wearing on such days? Of course woolen shrugs, blazers, jackets..... here is one such OOTD.

top - thrifted, shrug - AND, bag - forever new, loafers - Mellow Yellow, ring -asos.com.

The cropped woolen shrug was my new year's gift and I recently bought these tan Mellow Yellow loafers for a great deal online! Couldn't be more happier!

One last thing, I am obsessing over Nivea's Nourishing Body Milk for very dry skin , its the best body lotion ever and instantly smooths and nourishes your skin without leaving an oily after effect.

Btw, what season are you??? Comment below and let me know!
C'est fini

(The title is a self made phrase and does not intend to offend anyone whomsoever.)


  1. I love your shoes! I'm more of a spring person though :)

  2. I'm a summer person, out and out! I loved your shrug!!!

  3. I love winters too! Although it hardly lasts for two months here.
    Such a cute shrug!
    Thank you for your sweet comment! :))

  4. @ sayantani saha - ty!O.o, I hate spring only for the fact that it gets ruined with last minute projects and exams.

    @suhani - ty! we all love summers, don't we??

    @chandana - hi5, ty!!!

  5. heyyy...i must say u r veryyy cute...its nt only the outfits...its u who carry it off so nicely!!
    I am a winter person as like as u <3
    BTW....i thnk u dont mind that I am following u !! <3 :D


  6. I am a complete spring/summer person.I do love the shrug and the ring. Cute look <3

  7. Cute bag! You look great!
    Would you like to follow each other? <3

  8. @ ayantika, amena, ilahehs - thnk u so much doll!,
    @ sandra - sure!!!! thnk you!!!

  9. Simple and elegant! I love such style!!!
    I cheked out a few post on your blog and I liked them.
    Please, stop by mine and let me know if you want to follow each other.


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