4 October 2011

In my gold Shoes

Hello lovely readers!
so this post was actually going to be up yesterday, but dint feel like posting.....So today I did the honors of uploading it.
Sneakers, sport shoes are sure comfortable but i don like wearing them a lot, they give  a weird roundness to my body especially legs! But these ones are so damn pretty and shine almost like 100000 bulbs, i saw the DIY version of MIU MIU, on http://honestlywtf.com/ and couldn wait to try them out by myself!
You gotta check her site, she has so many different cool posts

This leads me to , I like dressing up, A LOT, but sometimes I need a loose casual top and pair of black pants thats it!
Perhaps this outfit would look completely different if i hadn pair them with gold....... I  look like a guitar hero, hahahaahaahahaha =D

On another note, are you guys hooked on to 10000 sitcoms airing since these past tow weeks! I am!!
Loving Desperate Housewives and How i met your mother the most.
Sadly, Gossip girl and 90210 are making me feel stupid. there is a limit of co-incidence happening around them, right no?

Thats pretty much it,
until next time

c'est fini

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