2 July 2011


HELLO, I have a review for you guys, so mom had been to THAILAND for sum business purpose and i specifically asked her to get me OREINTAL PRINCESS makeup...cause i had read tht its widely used n liked by many & u need return gifts when sum1 goes to a foreign land! hahaha...

the review is about  O.P's Ready To Wear Automatic Face Colours.
CLAIM: An easy-to-use blush and powder in special designed portable package containing high-quality Pony Hair Brush, benefits in applying blush or adding powder easier and quicker. The Silicone Treated Powder not only providing natural color effect but also having special properties to stay longer on your facial skin and is water-resistant, with botanical blend of Apple Extract nourishes and reveals healthy looking skin. 

 The blush paper box looks so pretty! <3! sorry for the gold paint @ the bottom, thts mi nail paint spilled all over.

I love the packaging!! perfect for times when ur in a hurry!


 it sparkles!!!
 its glowin cuz of d flash!
 hence i tried my bb to click pics, n voila u can see the swatches perfectly!

now i really recommend u guys to be hygienic and use this blush only when u have washed ur face....because u cant clean the hairbrush!

REVIEW:- I am using their Mandarin Mantra, a pretty peachy color for mi skin tone (medium) n a coral for darker skins.
it has more of a translucent base rather than sheer, n leaves a natural glow to ur cheeks. 
i would really recommend this blush for darker skin tones as well as those you are very busy and don have time to
a.) elaborately do make-up
b.) to do touch-ups...cause boy this is super  water resistant.!

I hope u guys enjoyed. tc!


  1. Came here from the blush review guide on peaches and blush..looks pretty but might nt show on me..im dark!

  2. hey user,
    i love dis blush!
    n trust me dis blush is so versatile!
    its coral (pinkish orange) on darker skin tone!!!!
    i love it
    try it!


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