13 July 2011

Fashion Advice!

Hey guys, so the other day i was deleting some of my watched sitcoms and saw Ugly Betty (obvi i deleted it) n right away i decided that i want a blogpost to show her fabulous transformation...which indeed is so huge!!!
Dint you gasp when you saw  America Ferrera's a.k.a Ugly Betty transformation!!

I did...n no she dint lose that many pounds. But right hairstyle n right make-up did tht for her!

 Moral of the story: 

  • straight hair do not do good to round/fat faces. 
  • middle partition is a complete no-no. 
  • fringes all across foreheads don do it either.

What you need:-

  • side partition with layers starting from your apples of your cheeks.
  • covering up your ears and ends of your cheeks.
  •  oh yes n a thumbs up for side fringe!!!!!!!
  • make sure you have the right length. hair touching ones shoulder bone is ideal but you could grow them too!

Make-up tips:-

  • highlight your cheek bone (the part which hits light or shines) & contour area underneath your cheek bones using a matte blush 2 0r 3 shades darker than your skin tone.
  • use blush on apples of your cheeks.
  • contour on your jawline.

Do the pout!!!!!!
...Love clicking pictures???

  • then next time suck ur cheeks in n give a semi smile n voila you are Ms.Photogenic!!

I hope it helped!!!
C'est fini!

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