1 July 2011


hola! feelin a bit dull in this monsoon? try blooming it up by using the ever versatile YELLOW..not just yellow but MUSTARD, BUTTER, GOLD YELLOW, BABY YELLOW, MELON!! eepppssss, lovin dis colour <3<3!
now in mumbai if u wear YELLOW! n stick your ass out, 50% chances are of people calling  u a taxi!

so if you feel that way then go slow, try in cooperating this fabulous color slowly, like a watch, a clutch....slippers...or even fabulous!.yellow nails.......

I am so into yellow umbrellas this monsoon, it peps up mi lovely world wid a bit of yellow shine, particularly in those grey dark rainy days!

n eventually you can block ur outfit with this colour, or make it as a statement color n rock this trend!!


bisou bisou!

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