21 July 2012

Vacation Vlog, part 1!

Hello beautiful Readers!
A quick update - I am back in Mumbai after  vacationing from Singapore!
How was it? - Well imagine waking up to the jade-st green of Indian Ocean,  devouring delicious cuisines right from 10am to 1am, dressing up every day with great backgrounds for pictures too, shopping at every single destination (will tell you more on this as my posts continue), meeting new people, a chance to see some amazing performers. To sum it all up it was an EXTRAVAGANZA! a FUN FILLED one!

My first day started with boarding the ship, but before that I had a chance to shop some goodies at the Harbor/Vivo city mall (This mall is connected to the port and Pardon me, if I goofed up the names) and a quick bite (again) at Burger King. Man, why isn't burger king in India? 
I must confess, the crew handled 900+ cruisers in such ease, it left all of us astonished.

In like 15 mins we boarded the ship, our luggage was already sent to our rooms (impressive right?) and what do we see?
Everything is unchanged, (We had already cruised in this same line before - 10yrs back) the walls shone just like they did before, the statues were nicely polished as if new, everything was well maintained - well managed.
The only thing different was - I felt the ship had shrunk, not just me but my entire family, my relatives too. Back in the day, when I was in 5th grade, everything looked humongous, I mean those things (architecture, swimming pool, restaurants, ceilings etc)  looked like it came from a giant's house.

Airport Wear - Comfort comes first here, you have to be seated in one damn place for more than 4 hours, I chose leggings for obvious reasons. In between the flight journey it can get a bit cold or the blower might be too harsh, Thus I carried my mom's velvet hoodie and underneath  wore my mango tank. There was this one girl who was decked up in jeans/high heels/leather jacket and what not. GIRL WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Note - I had totally forgotten my mango lace-y tank. One of you guys reminded me about it. Thank you doll! :). This top over here 

Cruise wear - Before boarding the ship we had booked a hotel to change, have breakfast and do other stuff and I changed into my gorgeous summer dress, which you might have recognized from my latest (latest huh?) DIY HAIR CHAIN video. (I was going to link it, but I have it linked on every other post up-till now, sounds too desperate no?)

If you are planning to go, please make a point to wear a proper chic outfit, cause they have photo booths with actors and performers on every point of the station till the ship. That is, if you wanna look good!

dress- thrifted, shoes - catwalk, bag - lifestyle, bracelets - goa'12

I really dint get time to click proper outfit pictures as everything happened in a maddening rush and despite all my attempts, I din't find one proper person to click them.
One last thing, I accidentally dropped my sony cybershot on the very first day of the trip, and THAT was a major setback. (I wasn't worried that much, as my cousins had slr and dslr's and what not) But only a fashion blogger or a photographer will understand my setback.
But thankfully my amazing parents bought not one but two cameras, A pink one and a dslr (Canon ones)! Thank you mom and dad:)
Stay tuned for my next vacation vlog.

C'est fini,

To know more about the cruise line,please refer here - SuperStar Virgo

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  1. What a superfabulous vacation! I love your dress!

  2. Amaazing blog and I really love it.

    Very nice photos :))

    ~~follow each other?


  3. ugh! I know about losing camera's... lucky you got 2 new ones


  4. Great look! I like your blog! :)

  5. Very nice blog! Stylish nice to read and watch. ;)
    Welcome to my blog: photographyismyexistence.blogspot.com
    Have a nice weekend. [;

    Yours. Patricja!

  6. Wow great pics! Beautiful pool! Please visit my blog! If you follow let me know and i promise i'll follow back! xoxo


  7. Pretty dress!I hope you had a good time Gargi!

  8. What a pretty dress !!!!! Great blog, dear!




  9. that sounds so amazing!! thanks for sharing the pictures! one day i will travel to these places :D


  10. Oohhh, so much fun looks like :D I absolutely loveeee what you're wearing!


  11. Amazing pics!!!!!



  12. lovely dress! :) I loveee singapore :D
    N i totally agree wit u on d girl wearin jacket high heels n all that lol its true i wonder how these ladies can deck up so much on an airplane! :/


  13. WOW! Super jealous you got to visit Singapore! I've always wanted to go!

  14. sounds like a great vacation!i wish burger king was here too!loved the stuff you are wearing!!

  15. what a nice vacation spot and lovely patterned dress!
    would you like to follow each other?


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