16 September 2011

Lets talk BUSINESS!!!

 I feel like I am blogging after so many days. I was stuck with cold & flu this entire time, BAD-BAD days!!!
However today I am not letting my body to feel weak and tired!!!

So this post is basically on a  business attire which I would wear for formal meetings and blah-blah!!
The skirt is  undeniably formal and fits me perfectly!!!! Since I am young and fabulous (:p) I'll have this look in oh-not-so-formal way in my next post!!

Shall we proceed then??

my must haves for business looks :-

  1. pearls
  2. solitaire ear rings 
  3. high waist everything!
  4. high heels
  5. structured bag

top-globus, skirt -forever new, accessories-forever new, heels-inc.5, skirts sash worn as scarf!, 

c'est fini!!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Nice post!U look fab!!
    very pretty skirt... I love high waists!

    Get well soon!

    (Mistakenly , I commented from my other a/c so deleted it!)

  3. hiiiii tanya!!
    thank you so much!!
    P.S u have a pretty blog!! following you ! :p


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